June 7, 2009


The Living Room Rock Gods have a new and improved website! All the old functionality is there, and new great stuff coming too! Go check it out at: www.LRRG.net

June 1, 2009


Dear LRRGs,

I know this site has not been updated as often as before. This is because I'm working on a surprise at the moment, which you'll find out about soon enough. The posts will resume once the surprise is complete! Keep checking the site for updates on that!

Thank you for your patience!


May 28, 2009

Are you ready for Lamb of God!?!?!

Greetings, metalheads!

For this installment of the Metal Menagerie, we turn to one of the very first LRRGs ever to grace this site. He is our Icelandic bass lord, Olralph. If one has been following this site since its inception, you may remember Olralph's performance of Iron Maiden's "Hallowed Be Thy Name", a fairly difficult tune to be sure. Well, now it is a couple of years later, and our hero from the Northern Atlantic has developed his skills far beyond your run-of-the-mill Maiden tune. Here is Olralph from a about a year ago playing Lamb of God's, "Laid to Rest", a very, very difficult tune.

Watch that left hand fly, and pay close attention to the fingering. This is a man who knows what he is doing behind a four-string. And yes, he plays with a pick on this tune, and does it very well. But we are not the only one who benefits from Olralph's bass noodlings. He also plays bass for a band, which I hope someday will become the premiere flavor of Icelandic death metal. I know it will have good bass.

Rock on Olralph!

May 25, 2009

SUB: Mymassivehead's Alter-Ego

(C) 1993 - 2009
What's better than one mymassivehead? two mymassiveheads! The aforementioned LivingRoom Rock God whips out his guitars and his alter ego to show off a demo his band, Alter Ego, recorded back in 1993 called "Colors Of Autum." Sounds simple enough, but reading through his video description I discovered it's pretty much a technical marvel, since he had to do a lot to fix the original recording, which was on tape. Here's what he had to do to it:
"First thing I had to do was change the pitch on the thing, for some reason the original is about a quarter step out of proper tuning.
I recorded 2 acoustic guitars. Panned one hard left and one hard right. Decent speakers or headphones you can hear the separation fairly well. Recorded 1 distorted rhythm. Turned it up in the mix just enough to cover up the crappy sounding original distorted tin can sounding guitars.
Recorded 2 new leads. Turned them up to cover up as well as I could the original leads. You can still hear the originals, but not bad. Kind of an interesting effect. The new leads aren't great, but they are a lot better than the original.
Recorded a new final chord and edited out the originals out of tune final chord. You can hear where I punch it in, but I couldn't figure out how to completely fix that.

Then I mastered it. Ran it through a noise remover to remove the hum from the crappy mics I used to record the acoustics with. Added just a bit of reverb and then ran it through a compressor to level everything out a bit. Took me about a week to get it sounding alright... not world class studio, but it's not bad in my opinion. All this was done using Audacity. Amazing piece of software.

Hope you guys like it. If you could hear the original track you'd have a better understanding of what it took to make this. It was a challenge getting the tracks to mix properly, and there are still parts where the vocals are lower then I like. But it's about as good as I can get it. I'm fairly happy with it.

Of all the original work I did with this band and the other bands I was in, this is still my favorite song.

Hope you enjoy."
Phew! Talk about hard work, man. Kudos to you, our megaencephalonic friend. It's nice to know this one simply cannot be touched by those record label morons.
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May 20, 2009


If you're a guitarist and slap the name "Vai" to your YouTube name, you better be good if you don't want to get harassed every 5 minutes by abusive comments by fanboys telling you how much you don't deserve to be bearing that name. I don't think Mexican LRRG brianvai would get many comments of the sort, however, considering he simply rocks, as clearly demonstrated in this rendition of John Petrucci's "Glasgow Kiss."After watching all 8 minutes of it, you'll have no choice but to stop on your tracks and say: "Caramba!"

May 19, 2009


If you're anything like me, when Les Claypool goes nuts on his songs (which happens often) you need some help to learn them; makibajo2 is the man to go to for complicated bass lines. Here, he breaks down Primus' "Lacquerhead" into three easy-to-follow videos explaining each part of the song:

Part 1

Main riff and solo

Part 2


Part 3

Bridge 2 and chorus

May 18, 2009

SUB: Jackyl Or Pennywise?... Jackyl Or Pennywise?

I have a bone to pick with sageguitar70: he usually sends more than one video per submission, which would be just fine... IF NOT EVERY SINGLE ONE KICKED ASS! which makes it nearly impossible to choose between one or the other. This time, literally, I was so torn, that I picked his rendition of Jackyl's "Down on Me" because I like the Les Paul better than the Ibanez he uses for the other video in his submission: Pennywise's "Western World." So, Mr. sageguitar70, I tip my hat to you for kicking ass.

Next Week: mymassivehead collaborates with himself: a 1993 original!
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May 5, 2009


This one is a first for the LRRG blog: a U2 rendition on the congas. Canadian LivingRoom Rock God TomBeltrame gives a new feel to "Get On Your Boots" while showing off his skill for percussion instruments, making some U2 fanboys get all red in the face and white knuckles on their fisties, which is exactly what we like!

May 4, 2009

SUB: Sing On

It's not every day someone sends a vocal cover submission, and not every day someone has the guts to attempt a song originally sung by Steven Tyler. LRRG mwhitm1 did both with Aerosmith's classic "Dream On."

This is one of those videos in which the video and the audio were recorded at different times, so he had to lip sync it, but it's him singing for sure... and doing a great job at it. I used to think singing to Aerosmith would be health hazardous; losing your voice at the end of one song, not to mention your consciousness and ability to carry on with life itself, but he seems fine at the end.

Inexplicably, this is mwhitm1's only video on his channel, so please rate it and comment on it, encouraging him to make more!
Got a video you'd like to submit? Send it over to LRRGods@gmail.com, or the LRRG YouTube Channel with the title "LRRG Submission" or something other to that effect!

May 1, 2009

POTW: Woof!

I remember a few months ago I posted a video by Vanhalen1014 and the negative comments he got like "fake" and so forth, because he had recorded sound and video at different times, and ignorant douchebags saw this as a forgery. He really showed them with this rendition of Ozzy Osbourne's "Bark at the Moon" in which it is clear that's him playing and kicking ass. Not happy with just displaying his skills with covering the song, Vanhalen1014 went ahead and improvised a solo as well. I wish I could see the look on those morons' faces who called him a "fake" now.
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April 30, 2009


Two facts we know to be true no matter the circumstances: Brazilians seem to have a natural talent for music, and Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" is awesome; and when you mix those two in an acoustic cover, the result is nothing short of amazing. Time and time again I've said I love it when LRRG's put something of their own into the covers they play, and our carioca friend andrellsv here is no exception. Instead of trying to imitate Eddie Vedder's voice, he uses his own tone with fantastic results.

April 28, 2009


Ever since the video removal by the record companies started on YouTube, the LivingRoom Rock Gods have been looking for an alternate site for uploading their material. A few months ago, I wrote a post about blip.tv being a good choice for it's good quality in both video and audio, but there's something missing from that alternative: the musician community.

However, Wekastar.com has that, since the whole site is a musician community. The video and audio are not as good as blip.tv, and it has some synch issues (as you'll be able to see with this video of myself), but I'm guessing this site is less likely to get hit by the copyright holders as hard as YouTube has. Some LRRG's are posting their stuff there as well as YouTube, such as zodiakironfist (his Primus covers are available there) and Spector2112.

Wekastar advertises itself as an online "American Idol" (ew) because it offers competitions and apparently record deals to those who win them. I cannot say for sure weather that's true or not, so please check that out before you enter any competition. As a "storage" for your videos and sharing them with other musicians, I think it can be a nice alternative.

April 27, 2009

SUB: Just What The Doctor Ordered

LRRG sageguitar70 submitted three videos, giving me the chance and freedom to choose from three renditions of three songs... thanks, sage! So, why Ted Nugent's "Just What the Doctor Ordered"? Like always, it reflects sage's LivingRoom-Rock-Godness the best, in my own and humble opinion, even though it cuts off mid-solo.

That epiphone is crazy! I've never seen one like that. According to the video description box, it's a 1976 Epiphone Crestwood Model ET290. I don't know much about guitars and gear and such, but this one really gives that solo that "classic" sound, and makes it fly.

Other submissions by sageguitar70: Foo Fighters' "Everlong" and Judas Priest's "Green Manalishi," both on guitar. Click on the links to check them out.
Got a video you'd like to submit? Send it over to LRRGods@gmail.com, or the LRRG YouTube Channel with the title "LRRG Submission" or something other to that effect!

April 24, 2009

POTW: Duel!

We all know what LivingRoom Rock God quaz18 is capable of, either with a 4-string, or a 6-string. This time he joins forces with a guitarist and singer simply known as "Joe" (and that's what I can gather from this video's key words) to play an original tune: "A Duel on Tundra."These guys sure have a knack for composition, which shows from the first few seconds of the intro, and stays throughout the entire song. A very nice choice for this week's "Pick of the Week."
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April 23, 2009


Risking having to withstand mockery from other LRRG's, I have to admit it: I do like that New Found Glory's hit song from a few years back "My Friends Over You,"I think it's a fun song. But I swear I was not looking for that specific song when I found this! Really!

Anyway, meet Japanese LivingRoom Rock God and guitarist santei0823 who appears to be having a great time playing this. And why shouldn't he? It's fun I tell you! I know secretly you're going to try play it for yourself, so click here for the song's tabs, which I found in this video's info box. Shhhh!

April 22, 2009


Once again, a rebel LivingRoom Rock God messes with a classic song, adding a drum beat to The Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby." Even if it would have existed in the original version of the song, my guess is Ringo would have played it in a completely different fashion, making alexm141's version really interesting to listen to.

Considering the amount of fanboys lurking around the YouTube cyber-space just looking for videos to piss on, we also have to admire his courage. Great job, brother LRRG!

April 21, 2009

SUB: Paperkutnication

Remembering times when one could freely play Red Hot Chili Peppers' songs on YouTube, paperkut69 submitted this rendition of the MTV massively overplayed (but still great song) "Californication" on bass. As a good LRRG should always do, other than playing a perfect carbon copy of the original, he adds little arrangements and diddys here and there, making it quite unique and his own.

Next Week: Nudgent? Foo? Judas?
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April 17, 2009

POTW: "Schoolyard Bully" is finally up!

It's finally up! zodiakironfist has finished his video for his original song "Schoolyard Bully,"originally written with his band Mojo Barefoot, circa 1994, and is currently gracing the hallways of YouTube's music material (or what's left of it).

Like his previous video, "The Vowel Song,""Schoolyard Bully"'s animation is done in a style very reminiscent of South Park, and it's humor is very characteristic of the LRRG entomologist we've come to know so well; it even has a moral to the whole thing. You'll have to watch 'till the end to see what I'm talking about.

Send your friend request to the LRRG YouTube channel so your videos can be considered in the "Pick Of The Week"!

April 15, 2009

LRRGs do "Blood is on Your Hands" by Arch Enemy

Greetings metal fans!

This is the first installment of Zodiak's Metal Menagerie, a semi-regular posting that features the heavier elements of the LRRG world. In here you will find your basic metal, your thrash metal, your power metal, your death metal, and everything in between and beyond these descriptors. If it features long hair, tattoos, head-banging, distorted guitar, and powerful drums, you will find it under this heading. So kick back and enjoy the face-melting power of the metal LRRGs!

The first featured video installment is a cover tune from one of my favorite bands, Arch Enemy. What makes this band so great? Well, for one they have an excellent vocalist, a female named Angela Gossow. What makes her impressive is not that she is female, but that she is a great growler. Metalheads do not make distinctions due to sex, or at least should not. This band also features one of the best guitarists in the metal world, Michael Amott of Carcass fame.

In the spirit of Arch Enemy, I chose this awesome video from TheZer0Hour of Blood is on Your Hands, the opening track off of Arch enemy's latest album. This is a collaborative effort between TheZer0Hour and his guitarplayer, wrathchild368. Zerohour really powers out these vocals, and what can one say about wrathchild368 other than the fact that he is awesome at rhythm and lead (plus he has cool hair). These two play in a band together called Malevolent Awakening, which has a few originals of their own. Both of these gentlemen show you exactly what the sprit of metal is....high intensity, difficult fretwork, and sheer badass-ness.

April 13, 2009

SUB: La Villa Spector

Once again Brad, or Spector2112 graces the LRRG website with one more of his videos. This time however, he does so with a couple of buddies of his. They get together every so often to rock it out together; in this case, with Rush's "La Villa Strangiato," filmed around Christmas, 2006. It's 8 minutes of pure LivingRoom-Rock-Godness, as it usually is when old friends get together to just play.

Next Time: Careful. You don't want to get a paperkut.
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April 8, 2009


Wal basses have a very distinct metallic-agressive sound, and is most often associated with Tool. Other than TOOLbassplayer, Justin Chancellor and Paul McCartney (at Knebworth, 1989), I've never seen anyone work one, but now we can add Toolmybass to the list of Wal Bass users with this rendition of the 8-minute "The Grudge" complete with effects and awesomeness.

April 6, 2009


EricSes - 1st place (5 votes)
As you've probably guessed by now by the enormous banner now displayed in the title, the winner of the LRRG Banner contest is none other than EricSes, and it all was by a single vote... of the whole 15, with zodiakironfist's as the runner-up.

Thanks to the people who voted and those who submitted their work!

Coming Soon: T-Shirt design contest.

zodiakironfist - 2nd place (4 votes)

LouddrummerO -3rd place (3 votes)

girgen - 3rd place (3 votes)

April 2, 2009


Thom Yorke is Canadian? Here I was thinking all this time he's English. Wait, that's not him is it? Well, if you give the "play" button a go, you'll see it's easy to make that mistake.

Singer/Guitarist ooOantonOoo from Canada sings mostly Radiohead covers --although recently he has been uploading some originals-- and he sounds just like Thom Yorke. Having said that, it's pointless to mention (but I'll do that anyway) that he's awesome. After watching a few of his videos I was torn over which one to upload. I chose "Paranoid Android" because, besides showing off his vocal abilities, it also displays his skill on the acoustic guitar. The rest of his videos, however, are very much worth a look, as well.

April 1, 2009


A few days ago, I wrote a post asking people to vote for zakryan79's rendition of "Master Of Puppets" on bass for a contest in RockItOutBlog so he could win two free CD's, and I guess it worked, because he won. What I'm not too happy about is his choice of CD's. He chose Britney Spears' "Circus" and Christina Aguilera's "Back To Basics." Honestly, if I had known he was going to waste his prize in that crap, I would've never helped him...

...Happy April's Fool's Day! Zak's actually asking for Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" and Bob Marley's "Catch a Fire;"even though he would've asked for "Circus" and "Back To Basics,"I would've been happy to help him.

Thanks a lot for voting for him!

March 30, 2009


Time is up for the contest entries, and now it's time to vote! The voting is being held in this thread in the LRRG Forums, and will last for one week untill next Sunday, April 4th.

Remember the winner will be displayed as this blog's title banner and you will see it each time you enter to read the daily updates, every day, for the rest of your life (or something less dramatic), so make your votes count! You can vote as many times as you wish.

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry.

Entries:by EricSes

by LouddrummerO

by zodiakironfist

by girhen

LRRG SUBMISSION: Brad Plays Nothing

What's the five percent of nothing? If my very limited knowledge does not fail me, then it's nothing, zero, nada; however that does not stop Spector2112 from making it sound great. One of the shortest submissions ever, he has a go at Yes' dissonant, random tune: "Five Per Cent For Nothing" in his first ever direct audio attempt. Suffice to say, it was successful.

Next Week: More Spector2112, yay!
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March 27, 2009

LRRG PICK: Three LRRG's For The Price Of One

That's right. This week, you get 3 Awesome LRRG's for the price of one thanks to Adje1960's super-human ability of putting out collaborations.

As per usual when it comes to Adje's collabs, korgrandi is on bass, and Hannah, or drumplayher, re-appears on drums in her second collab with these guys. These three amazing Living Room Rock Gods come together to play The Sonics' "Strychnine."

This collab makes a great start for the new LRRG Pick Playlist!
If you want your videos to be considered for the (almost) weekly LRRG Pick, please send your friend request to the Living-Room Rock Gods YouTube Channel!

March 26, 2009


We've all gotten our fair share of douchie comments on our videos. They usually are from people who: a) are losers who can't play an instrument and feel the need they have to prove something to someone (what to who is impossible to determine at this point); or b) those who do play instrument and believe they are the shit.

One visionary douchebag broke away from the usual douchie practices and decided he alone will end the "shitty covers" from the 'tubes with his 10-year drummer experience backing him up (he's 18). Dusty here, doesn't like others "destroying" the songs he likes and the way others decide to look or comb their hair. He would like you to know he's never attempted to be someone else...

...in his case he should at least give it a go, because being himself is obviously not working.

March 24, 2009


zakryan79, that handsome chap in the picture, is currently running in a contest, and he needs the vote of the Living-Room Rock Gods so he can win... TWO CD'S!

All you have to do is go to this guy's channel (RockItOutBlog in YouTube) and post a comment before this Friday (the 27th), saying you vote for Zak's "Master of Puppets" video (that one just above this text), and that's it.

Help a fellow LRRG... who knows when you'll need his vote?... what if you run for president one day?


"Leave the gun. Get the cannoli.""Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.""I'll make him an offer he can't refuse."If the reader doesn't know what I'm talking about by now, then you should check your surroundings, because you might be living under a rock.

Who doesn't recognize "The Godfather Suite" from the first 4 or 5 notes? Its a timeless piece originally written by Italian composer Nino Rota for the film The Godfather, which has spawned many alternate versions and covers, one of which was Slash, making it a very popular piece to play among rock guitarists.

Italian guitarist maxguzzo makes us an offer we cannot refuse with his video: he dresses his best clothes, gave it an old movie feel, and nails the tune to boot, leaving us with no choice but to stand up and say: bravĂ­simo!

March 23, 2009


This is the last week to submit your entries to the LRRG Banner Contest in which the winner's design will be posted as the main title for this blog, for the world to see! (or the people who read this blog, at least). Hurry up and submit your designs before Sunday, March 29th!

Restrictions (or lack there of):
  • .GIF, .JPEG, or .PNG formats.
  • 750 pixels wide; the height is up to you.
  • You can submit as many designs as you want.
  • No deadline (as of yet).
Submit your entries to either the LRRG e-mail address: LRRGods@gmail.com (please include "LRRG banner contest" as a subject), or this thread in the LRRG Forums.

Entries so far:by EricSes

by LouddrummerO

by zodiakironfist

by girhen

LRRG SUBMISSION: Look, ma! No backing track!

There's a couple of unusual characteristics to this submission: I don't get a lot of bass player submissions who also sing (or who actually can sing, for that matter), and certainly there's not many submissions done "a capella."LRRG KROMLIVES seems to be something of an expert at it, though, and this rendition of Black Sabbath's "Warning" is clear proof of that. However, if you still need proof, swing by his youtube channel and have a lookise at the rest of his stuff. Personally, I recommend Donovan's "Sunshine Superman."

Next Week: YES, yet another Spector submission.
Got a video you'd like to submit? Send it over to LRRGods@gmail.com, or the LRRG YouTube Channel with the title "LRRG Submission" or something other to that effect!

March 20, 2009


When it comes to collaborations, it rarely gets any better than this: 5 awesome Living-Room Rock Gods joining forces to deliver an awesome rendition of Rammstein's "Zwitter." They are: Adje1960 on guitar and vocals; korgrandi on bass; mymassivehead on guitar; stoptherobot on guitar; and the newest member of the LRRG community, Schneider1988 on drums.

Audio mix was done by Adje1960, which should say a lot since we all know what the punkest of LRRG's is capable of with a computer. All instruments are synched up perfectly with great quality which makes it sound like it was ripped right out of a CD.

And the video editing... well, it was also done by Adje1960, and we all know what that means: spontaneous combustion everywhere you look! Also done with great care and dedication and pure love towards the nature of the true LRRG.

Check this one out even if you hate Rammstein (as I do), if anything, just to see Adje sing in german.
Send your friend request to the LRRG YouTube channel so your videos can be considered in LRRG Picks!

March 17, 2009


It's time for a little shameless self promotion.

Justin -metallicat511- and I have been planning this little project for some months now, and just could not get it to work. Our search for a drummer was quite easy: we found zildpais; asked him if he wanted to be in our virtual band; he said yes; done. However, finding singers/rappers was another story, since 311 has two vocal parts in almost every song, very different in style and tone. So we decided "screw it. We'll use the original vocals,"and so we did.

After some months of working on it, we finally got our Virtual 311 project going with out first rendition "Feels So Good."We did two versions: this one with the vocals, and another without them, just the three of us playing without any kind of backing track. You can check both out in the Virtual 311 YouTube channel.

March 16, 2009


By now, I think we all know Spector2112 and mymassivehead; we also know they kick some ass. They've now decided to get their ass-kickin' together to form an even bigger ass-kickin' machine called Head 'n Spector.

Here they take on S.O.D's "Milk." Spector starts everything with his powerful bass, just to be joined a few seconds later by Head (right after he throws the horns) to complete the experience of blowing your head off with pure metal.

A great one to kick off the week. It'll give you the guts you need to go and tell your boss off. I wouldn't recommend doing that, though.

Next week: KROM LIIIIIIIIIIVEEEEEESSSSSS!... so does Black Sabbath.
Got a video you'd like to submit? Send it over to LRRGods@gmail.com, or the LRRG YouTube Channel with the title "LRRG Submission" or something other to that effect!

March 13, 2009


Finally, to end LRRGoddess Week with a bang, here's madmoiselle chewwinggum from France doing a song with the most difficult instrument: the human voice. No track, no acoustic or electric instrument of any kind, just her voice. And she didn't choose an easy little tune either, but Janis Joplin's "Mercedes Benz,"bringing the all-women week posts to an end... more ugly-ass guys coming next week!

LRRGODDESS WEEK: Zombie Rockstar

Opposite to the other kind of covers in YouTube, acoustic songs have to be made by predominantly women. Apparently they're less embarrassed to pick up a guitar and sing than men, and thank god for that. I've run across some great talents.

Rockstar122083's rendition of The Beatles' "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away"was one of the first acoustic covers I favorited back when I had my old channel. I looked for her videos again with my more recent channel, and was glad to find she has continued to post acoustic covers, and, once again, I immediately subscribed.

However, I decided to post a more recent video of hers, instead of the Beatles one, so here she is doing her rendition of one of the most acoustically covered songs in YouTube: The Cranberries' "Zombie."

March 12, 2009

LRRGODDESS WEEK: Don't you wish you played like this when you were 16?

"Awww, look: a 16 year old girl is trying to play-- holy shit!"

Yup, that's what I was thinking when this video started to load. When a 16-year-old is having a go at drums, it's usually very painful for the viewer. Then, I pressed "play."It took toastedmuffin (or Katie) exactly .0001 seconds to shut me up. I kid you not, she displays awesome skill from the first note of Blink 182's "First Date."

It must be a fluke, right? Check out the rest of her videos (I recommend her rendition of The Foo Fighters' "All My Life") -- you, and the people around you, will be blown away by this young LRRG.

WARNING: Be sure your jaw is well strapped to your head before you press play... it might drop.

LRRGODDESS WEEK: All in one: bassist, biker, and LRRG

What would you do if you loved both motorcycles and bass? play bass with your bike helmet on, of course; and which song to play while wearing your helmet? none other than Steppenwolf's "Born to be Wild,"obviously.

Continuing with LRRGoddess Week, we come across bassist and Living Room Rock Goddess (and biker) Honda599Girl. I chose to show this video, because I liked her wearing her helmet (even if it meant to sacrifice her ability to hear!) while rockin' out to her bass. However, even though she has just a few videos, they are all worth a look. Her profile doesn't say much about her, so I couldn't assure how long she's been going at the good ol' low end, but it sure seems like it's quite a bit.

In short, Honda599Girl is living proof that anybody who considers both bass and bikes "a man's thing,"is missing out big time.

March 10, 2009

LRRGODDESS WEEK: Anissa's Disturbed

Last Sunday we celebrated the 2009 International Women's Day, so this week I decided to celebrate those LRRG women (or Living Room Rock Goddesses) out there. So John's submission yesterday will be sharing the week with nothing but hard-ass rock girls... lucky him.

So lets start with one of the toughest LRRG's I know -and one I can proudly call a friend-, AnissaAcoff. One that the negative and ignorant comments on her videos (and trust me, she gets a lot!) hasn't stopped her to continue to kick some serious ass with both her guitar and bass covers (she plays trumpet too, just no videos of that). Now with her new gear she's kicking more ass than ever.

Proof? How 'bout this rendition of Disturbed's "Liberate"? But her awesomeness doesn't stop there. Take a while to check her videos. Much, much worth it.

March 9, 2009

LRRG SUBMISSION: Recipe for Canadian Chop Suey

  • Two drum sticks
  • Electronic Roland drums
  • One Canadian drummer
1. Put the drum sticks in the Canadian drummer's hands.
2. Sit the Canadian drummer on the drums' stool.
3. Unleash him to System of a Down's "Chop Suey."

Kick-ass LouddrummerO rendition... done.

Got a video you'd like to submit? Send it over to LRRGods@gmail.com, or the LRRG YouTube Channel with the title "LRRG Submission" or something other to that effect!

Next week's LRRG Submission: a Spector2112 - mymassivehead collaboration.

March 6, 2009

LRRG PICK: Welcome back, Bill!

Thanks to the hunger for monopoly of music by the big record labels, a very important LRRG account was recently blocked from YouTube: munkybarz (story here and here). The heroic labels stopped Bill's evil plan to cover tunes from his favorite artists and bands, while serving pretty much as an advertisement for them as well as the many basses in his collection... and did not make a dime.

Well, you cannot keep a natural-born LRRG from doing what he loves. Here he is again, now under the nickname ohforfuxache, doing what he does best: paying tribute to his favorite music with his bass guitar. The honored song: Motorhead's "Ace of Spades."

It's damn great to have you back, Bill!

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March 5, 2009


Back when jazzysaxe had his finds posted here, this guy was featured in one of them playing a very jazzy version of a Michael Jackson's tune. He usually does that kind of stuff, but he surprised the hell out of me today when I discovered his rendition of a Billy Idol song: "Rebel Yell."

That1BlkGuy's playing is awesome, of course, but that's not the only reason this video is worth almost 5 minutes of your time, but also to see him go wild and -at the risk of using a term not used since the 50's- very rock 'n roll. At one point his dreads swing at such speed and force, that you pray no one will walk by him and get hurt.

Be warned: this is hard core LRRGness.

March 3, 2009


This one is really something. A father-daughter collaboration for Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb,"which is just perfect, since it has two singing parts; a high one and a low one. The dad, felsberg2 (or Brend) takes on the lows, sang originally by Roger Waters, while his daughter, 17-year-old Melissa, tackles the Gilmour vocals. Brend also takes on guitar duties during the solos, giving them his own spin, without losing that Gilmouresque melody to them.

One look and listen to this video makes it obvious great time and effort went to it (That click on the Stereo link is really worth it). Along with their footage singing and playing, several insterts of Pink Floyd images are throwin into the mix, making it a hell of a tribute video.

March 2, 2009

LRRG SUBMISSION: Daniel goes The Distance

LRRG CosaNostraDeSantis5 has discovered CAKE, and could not help it. He picked up his Geddy Lee Fender Jazz Bass and learned "The Distance,"and here we have the result: groovness everywhere -- the bass line, the song, the relaxed playing... even the small choreography.

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February 26, 2009

ow... Ow... OW!

Have you ever tried to sing along to The Offspring? After how many days did you get your voice back? I don't know where Dexter Holland gets his tone of voice. Very tight jeans come to mind. MickeRamone picks up his acoustic guitar and ventures into the world of very high-pitched Dexter-Holland style voices and does The Offspring's "Defy You." Then, he's kind enough to tell us how he feels after that beating. He's a very brave man.

February 24, 2009


Live is not a band of who you see many bass covers of, so getting this submission from Spector2112 will make a nice addition to this page's solo videos section. His bass tone and playing are really sweet on this one; mixing into the original, "Heaven Wore A Shirt,"quite nicely, with a very 90's grunge-era quality to it. Great laid-back, relaxing playing by Ro... Brad.

NOTE: Like in many messages I get from LRRG's, this video was not the only one in Brad's submission, the other one being a rendition of Metallica's "The Prince"bass cover. You can check that out by clicking here.

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February 19, 2009


When you spend time each morning looking and posting LRRG videos almost every day like myself, you start noticing things that otherwise would blow right past you, such as the subtle differences between the Living-Room Rock Gods from each country, and Japan's have two very specific characteristics about them: they rarely show their face (don't know why), and they're really friggin good. My guess is because the importance music has in their educational system.

Enter MasanoriGT17. Immediately, he takes control of Bullet For My Valentine's "Waking the Demon"and rocks it with extreme accuracy -even having a go at the solo- displaying a very nice technique (to my untrained guitar-technique eye) which makes this song appear effortless to him; one good look at the rest of his videos is much recommended.

February 18, 2009


I've said it before, and I'll say it again: there's not enough girl drummers out there, so I get all giddy when I stumble upon one who can rock and cannot help but to post her.

Drummer Britt (B2U2) takes Larry Mullen Jr.'s seat and covers U2's "Elevation", making it awesome once again after it got ruined for me a few years back (thanks, Lara Croft: Tomb Rider). The title is accurate: after the intro this song just takes off!

Halfway through the song, one of the annotations says her ipod died and she does the rest by memory. I don't know if this means she played the last part without listening to a backing track, but if that's the case, that's friggin impressive (at least for me), although I'm guessing she just meant the click.

Info Update: After trading a message with Britt, it turns out she was indeed listening to the backing track on her ipod; she played the last part of the song with no backing track or click what so ever... as I said: friggin impressive!

February 17, 2009

DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME (you might hurt yourself)

Before watching this video do yourself a favor and go get a bowl and place it on your lap (if you're sitting down), so you can put your face back together after it melts at from the pure awesomeness that is this video by RushZappa2112.

Playing Rush is not easy. Playing "YYZ" is even harder. Playing all the instruments in "YYZ" is insane. Playing all the instruments in "YYZ" accurately was thought to be impossible, but here it's proof that there's at least one person out there who can do it. However, it is now clear that to do that you'll need God-like talent and precision which comes once every five hundred years or so. You know, like Neo in "The Matrix."

February 16, 2009


Playing bass and singing is like typing an e-mail about your summer vacations while singing "The Twelve Days of Christmas" out loud. Not easy. And yet, misfitfiend55 pulls it off in at least three videos which he submitted: Rush's "Tom Sawyer," Metallica's "From Whom the Bell Tolls" and this one here: The Ramones' classic "The Blitzkrieg Bop."

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February 13, 2009


Hmmm... I posted LRRG Friday a day early. After reviewing my knowledge of how many days a week has and their names, I set off to find a keyboard/piano cover to post since I have been neglecting it lately.

After endless Evanescence covers by 13-year-olds, I stumbled upon this collaboration. Just a piano, played by the video's host Paul Wells (paulwwells); and a very high-pitched, Sting-like voice by a Danish singer named Jimmy Skotte. They put together this rendition of Sting's "Pirate's Bride;"an unusual change of pace, being a jazzy kind of tune, and very much worth the look. There's only one drawback: Jimmy doesn't appear to have a YouTube channel. I'd definitively would like to see more of his singing.

February 12, 2009

LRRG FRIDAY: Toby's got somewhat better at drums

OBdrummer has been away from making videos for a little while. Then he decided to upload once again... with this. You will muster the title of this Strapping Young Lad song as soon as he starts playing it: "Oh, My Fucking God"!

I have something of encountered feelings towards this video: I love watching him play and, at the same time, I'm terribly glad I don't live next to him.

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February 11, 2009


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February 10, 2009


What's with kids now-a-days? When I was 17 years old, I could only think about girls and video games. That was my whole life. Sure, I played a little guitar, but everyone was sick of hearing my version of "Wish You Were Here." Now here's 17-year-old Steve9842007 doing a near-perfect rendition on bass of Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel's "Highball With the Devil."

Surfing the may YouTube renditions, I've seen very young people who are already experts on their different musical instruments. I'm pretty sure the kids today are genetically enhanced or something. Soon they'll be like that pianist in Gattaca.