March 20, 2009


When it comes to collaborations, it rarely gets any better than this: 5 awesome Living-Room Rock Gods joining forces to deliver an awesome rendition of Rammstein's "Zwitter." They are: Adje1960 on guitar and vocals; korgrandi on bass; mymassivehead on guitar; stoptherobot on guitar; and the newest member of the LRRG community, Schneider1988 on drums.

Audio mix was done by Adje1960, which should say a lot since we all know what the punkest of LRRG's is capable of with a computer. All instruments are synched up perfectly with great quality which makes it sound like it was ripped right out of a CD.

And the video editing... well, it was also done by Adje1960, and we all know what that means: spontaneous combustion everywhere you look! Also done with great care and dedication and pure love towards the nature of the true LRRG.

Check this one out even if you hate Rammstein (as I do), if anything, just to see Adje sing in german.
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