March 10, 2009

LRRGODDESS WEEK: Anissa's Disturbed

Last Sunday we celebrated the 2009 International Women's Day, so this week I decided to celebrate those LRRG women (or Living Room Rock Goddesses) out there. So John's submission yesterday will be sharing the week with nothing but hard-ass rock girls... lucky him.

So lets start with one of the toughest LRRG's I know -and one I can proudly call a friend-, AnissaAcoff. One that the negative and ignorant comments on her videos (and trust me, she gets a lot!) hasn't stopped her to continue to kick some serious ass with both her guitar and bass covers (she plays trumpet too, just no videos of that). Now with her new gear she's kicking more ass than ever.

Proof? How 'bout this rendition of Disturbed's "Liberate"? But her awesomeness doesn't stop there. Take a while to check her videos. Much, much worth it.