March 31, 2008


This week's LRRG Submission comes straight from the land of pizza, calccio and Zuchero. Matteo, also known as LRRG nibbiokyte, brings us his rendition of ZZTop's "Tush" with an improvised solo. This is also his first complete song video ever.

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March 28, 2008


No introduction needed. It's PDXguitarlegend and Zodiakironfist doing Iron Maiden's "22 Acacia Avenue". 


March 27, 2008


You can't play like this guy and have only 19 subscribers. I mean, look at him! sicmick112 needs more attention. Now, after his rendition of Iron Maiden's "Powerslave" has been featured here, his subscribers should go from 19 to 22. Woo-hoo!

March 26, 2008


I found this rendition of Dave Matthews Band's "So Much To Say" by this ortoPilot fellow and immediately subscribed specially because I loved the spin he puts into the song. Browsing through his profile I found out he also had original material, but I never bothered to listen to it. I just liked his cover songs.

Fast forward to March 22nd, among the "new videos" thingie I saw a song of his called 'Insecure' and thought I'd have a listen. I quite liked it and thought I'd share it with you guys.

This tune is part of a full album called "Highs and Goodbyes" and it's available at There's also a MySpace site (CLICK HERE) in which you can listen to more of his material.

March 25, 2008


Anyone who have been posting videos on YouTube for a while might have realized by now that it's impossible to showcase a video in stereo since it automatically converts the audio into mono without asking... until now! Here's how it's done:

If you watch this video you might realize it has a lovely stereo sound. LouddrummerO's account doesn't have anything special or he pays some kind of money for this. According to the information he gives, for a video to have stereo sound, it has to have the following characteristics:

FLV format
Video Size 320x240
Video Bitrate (kb/s) 192
Video framerate 30
Audio Bitrate (kb/s) 128
Audio Samplerate 44100

He also provides a couple of useful links. The first one is for the free version of Any Video Converter which is just what the name says. Click the link below to download the free version of the program:

Enjoy uploading videos with stereo sound thanks to LouddrummerO and BattlefieldDoktor!

March 24, 2008


LRRG Marbleizer and his band Rager pay their respects to Cliff Burton by doing their own rendition of "From whom the bell tolls"... just before the camera dies on them.

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March 21, 2008


Usually doing guitar-only covers, DreidMusicalX, or Dave, takes the plunge into singing as well in this rendition of Alice in Chains' "Down in a hole", and I personally think he should take that plunge more often, don't you? 

March 20, 2008


Good only voice covers, specially male ones, is a rare thing in YouTube. In fact, I think it is the most difficult kind of cover to find. And with good reason. Not many people have the guts to broadcast themselves singing all over the world. Hell, I can't even do that at a karaeoke at a friend's house. But I digress. I'll always admire people who have the guts to sing in front of an audience, so here's Endorphin4iK from Germany doing "Scar Tissue" for everyone to enjoy.

March 19, 2008

311 DAY 2008 RECAP

As many of you know, the past March 11th was 311 Day. I promised some footage and here it is: shot, starring, edited, etc, by samartinez311 with even a special appearance by Wyll, a.k.a. sl9guitar.

Part 1, before the concert: in which we meet the protagonists, the city, their hotel room and they meet up with Wyll. They even run across a movie production.

Part 2, after the concert: in which hand grenades take over the city of New Orleans.

A big 'Thank You' to samartinez311 (to whom I call 'Sam') for letting me post his videos. Nice shooting, buddy!

March 17, 2008


(c) Not Far Away From Dooms Day

The self-proclaimed "best guitar player in the world" MJ, brings us his band Not Far Away From Dooms Day, with their own tune "I Put a Curse on You", along with this very nightmarish video.

Love the gas mask.

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March 13, 2008


One of the most overlooked songs from Pink Floyd's masterpiece The Dark Side of the Moon, Rick Wright's "The Great Gig in the Sky" is a rock piano masterpiece, and LRRG profilcool plays it flawlessly. Not happy with that, his video production is also something to look at.

March 12, 2008


Just from this guy's playing, one would think so. 4espritdrummer has a very impressive drum set, and man does he know how to use it. His great skill becomes evident just a few seconds into Limp Bizkit's "Boiler".

Besides doing covers on his YouTube channel, Jason plays drums for a band called 4Espirit. Visit their MYSPACE.

March 11, 2008


We, the Living-Room Rock Gods, seem to love 311. Maybe it's because their songs are so fun to play. For this 311 Day I did the obvious and looked for a couple of 311 related videos.

First one is for the "Resources" section of this site. It's a bass song tutorial of "All Mixed Up" done by thatbassguy1. For more tutorials and just bass fun in general, be sure to check his blog at (he only uses YouTube as storage for his videos):

For the second video, I'm going to fall into a bit of self-involvement. This sl9guitar video had already been posted here. Originally, he was doing a "Down" guitar cover. When the song was done, his play list moved to "Random" immediately, and he couldn't help himself and just kept going. I thought this was awesome, so I "stole" his video and added a bass line to both songs. I hope you enjoy!

Have a happy 311 Day!

March 10, 2008


LRRG EVILbassplayer666 submitted this video for the Blindfold Challenge, but couldn't be included because he wasn't playing blindfolded. However it's submission is greatly appreciated, so I decided to post it as a LRRG Submission.

He gives a great rendition of the bass line of Metallica's "Seek & Destroy" on his Thunderbird, playing with his fingers, which gives the impression his right hand is going to fall off any second.

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March 7, 2008


The Leopard Lounge is a channel/show in YouTube which fits us LRRG's like a glove, since it features home-based musicians.

The Lounge's owner and host, LeopardJoy, features two musicians per episode, which come out on Saturdays, and have a great deal of effort put into them; much more effort than I put into this website, at least.

From watching her episodes, it becomes obvious she really gets to know the people before featuring them, and always asks permission to use their videos. In exchange, one has to subscribe to her and send her a friend request to be featured, which is a really small price to pay to appear in a channel that has so much time and effort put into it.

With close to 500 subscribers, The Leopard Lounge is growing fast, and it'll blow out soon. A certain LRRG wig-wearing awesome guitarist was already featured, see if you can find him. Hint: his name rhymes with "grave".

March 6, 2008

"...blur out your face..."

Now, does anybody know what's the point of this?

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So I didn't update yesterday, I know, I know. To make it up for it, I'll bring you TWO updates today. Yay!

First up: Trevor, better known in the YouTube world by quaz18, explains some theory in his pretty blue Musicman bass guitar. In order, he covers the basics of pentatonic scales, modes and mayor and minor scales (relative minor to mayor included).

The volume is a bit low, so you might want to crank it up a bit.

March 4, 2008


We LRRGs were happy doing videos until musicfreak1991 came along and raised the bar for afew hundred... miles! His rendition of Queens of the Stone Age's "No One Knows" is pure awesomeness. Everything about this video is cool. Even the editing. And his t-shirt.

Well done, man!

March 3, 2008


After a few days of tribute silence, the site kicks it off once again with a submission by LRRG biglu30 and his pretty red PRS guitar doing Foo Fighters' "No Way Back", which will at least make you tap your foot rhythmically... or at least it should.