January 30, 2009

DOUBLE UPDATE, part 2: LRRG Friday

Who missed Spector2112's bass/keyboards rendition of Rush's "Circumstances"? Well, here it is again! Now lets see how much it lasts before it -and if- lands in the evil clutches of corporate bastards who think music is a product they can claim copyright under any circumstance (pun intended).


Fight... for your right... to PAAAAAAAAAR-TAAAY!

Drum cover by jakamake.

January 27, 2009


Copyright (c) The Silverfish

Meet Stan and his band The Silverfish. He recently joined the LRRG realm -and can be found with the screen name thesilverfish- and immediately submitted two videos: the first one was a cover, which I added to the usual LRRG Submission queue, which is getting quite long (thanks for that, LRRG's) and will be appearing in a few weeks.

This is the second video he submitted: an original song titled "All In Tune." He did everything in this one: wrote the music, wrote the lyrics, played all the instruments, recorded them all, videotaped it, edited the video... who says being a LRRG is easy?!

"All In Tune" is not the only original song this guy has. In fact, there's a whole CD worth of original The Silverfish tunes. Check out both his website at www.thesilverfishband.com and his MySpace for more info on him, his band and to listen more of his stuff.

Got some original material you'd like to submit? Send it over to LRRGods@gmail.com, or the LRRG YouTube Channel with the title "Original Material" or something to that effect!

January 26, 2009



Who does not remember this song's intro from the Kill Bill preview? I remember I was so hyped. I was a big Tarantino fan then and I've loved his 3 previous films. Then the Kill Bill time came and it disappointed the crap out of me.

Now comes the non-disappointment part of this post: jsd1982's rendition of Tomoyasu Hotei's "Battle Without Honor or Humanity." This guy is damn skilled. Without effort, he delievers the song without error or arrogance. The only way he could've get any closer to the original material is if he had worn a yellow jumpsuit with a black stripe and a blonde wig.

Now here's a acouple of treats: he's made an MP3 available of his own recording which you can download here, or, if you're more into playing an instrument like he does, he also recorded a very complete video tutorial.

January 21, 2009


As you may know, some of us are looking for an alternate video site to host our covers in with less troubles than YouTube provides with the big record companies and music groups. There's only a few that's worth checking out.

Recently I uploaded a Limp Bizkit cover to YouTube and decided to do the same to a video site I discovered from watching videos from the that guy with the glasses website, called blip.tv. Sadly, I can't really say what's the copyright issue there. For sure, it's a smaller site than YouTube, so it doesn't get as much attention, and one of the upload options refers directly to copyright info. It actually gives you the option to drop any copyright claims on it.

What I can tell you, is that the video and audio quality is sweet (as you can see), and the upload time is kind of the same as in YouTube. Maybe a bit longer since it actually tells you that the "processing" part is actually the site converting your video to flash.

My next experiment is try to upload a cover tune from a band that usually gets blocked in YouTube. I'll let you faithful readers know.

January 20, 2009



I don't like Paramore one bit. In fact, you can say I hate Paramore. And this is why I absolutely love you LRRG's out there. The only way I could hear a Paramore song without bitching is in a kickass RAW video like this one put together by scbene (guitars), wisa89 (vocals), EricSes (drums) and t0ko (bass) with the song "Pressure."

In addition to playing guitars, I think it was scbene who did the mixing and editing, which is just beautiful. These guys really raise the bar when it comes to Rock Around the Web videos in every aspect. Eric even raised the bar in playing-attire!

If you like their version of the song, you can download a free MP3 file from HERE.

January 19, 2009



Sorry about skipping the LRRG Submission section, specially to jsd1982 who's video is next in line, it will return next week as usual. This just could not wait to get posted and shown off in every LRRG community blog, channel or site out there.

Proud LRRG Adje1960 -known in the LRRG forums as Ace38- put together a song with help from korgrandi, and mymassivehead, about being a Living-Room Rock God.

Ace does a great job on rhythm guitar, vocals, programming, mixing and editing (I'm guessing all of that took a while!); korgrandi's bass line could not be tighter, and, last but not least, the one with the big cranium, mymassivehead, pulls out a guitar solo that's going to be the envy of many. Personally, it made me proud to be a member of this awesome community we have going on and inspired me to keep posting videos.

Oh, but wait, it gets better. You like the song? You can download the MP3 right HERE!

January 16, 2009

LRRG FRIDAY: "Surprise! You're Dead!" by Brad


"What!? You posted Rob twice in a row for LRRG Friday!" No. I did not. This is Brad, or Spector2112 in the realm of YouTube. But I get your point. It's freaky how much they look like each other. They both play the same way, they move the same, and they even have the same age! I think the only way you can tell them apart is by noticing that Brad plays a Spector bass, while Rob plays a Rick and a Schecter.

Anyway, enough about the long-lost rock brothers. Let's focus on the one with the beard. Brad here does a bass line of a band I have not seen many covers of: Faith No More. He makes his Spector sound really "metally" on this one, really incorportaing it into the song, and "Surprise! You're Dead!" makes a nice tune to kick off the weekend with.

Send your friend request to the LRRG YouTube channel so your videos can be considered in LRRG Fridays!

January 15, 2009



OK, this is going to need a bit of an explanation: José José is a Mexican singer who's had a lot of hits throughout the years. It's one of those people who's career has lasted more than one decade. Personally I don't like him one bit, but everybody knows who he is.

Some years ago, one of those tribute albums was released in which several rock bands recorded one oe of his songs each and "updated" them to their own style and liking. One of them was rock band La Lupita, who remade his hit song "Gavilán o Paloma" ("Sparrowhawk or Pigeon"), making it a hit all over again.

In this RAW video, two great YouTube guitarists: kdc300z and newly-incorporated LRRG achcautli have a go at the song with great playing, great sound, great editing (it looks like they're standing next to each other in one room!), and last, but not least, a great achcautli outfit!

January 14, 2009


Have a Virtual Band? Submit it to LRRGods@gmail.com

Band members:
hubAndre - Keyboards (Holland)
snowdoguk - Guitars (UK)
pauliewanna - Drums (Canada)
vineyardedge - Bass (US)
CoolBear777 - Vocals (US)


January 12, 2009


Ahhh, who does not enjoy a video from the all-mighty PDXguitarlegend, otherwise known as Dave, from time to time? And what can I write about him that it has not already been said, or that you don't already know? He kicks ass!, but again, you already knew that.

This time, Dave shows off his master skills on Led Zeppelin's "Out on the Tiles" in his usual Dave-like way, grooving to the music, jumping around and adding little diddys here and there which makes his playing even more awesome. It's no wonder this video has over 6,000 views, almost 100 ratings and over 100 comments on it.

All hail the mighty PDXguitarlegend!

January 8, 2009


If we held an award for funniest Douchebag Comment, this next one would be a great contender. As always, it all starts in the usual douchebag way: a bored moron with nothing to do who decides to lash out at an innocent LRRG instead of going out and getting a girlfriend:
Image too small? Click on it!
You probably noticed it. Sure as hell CosaNostraDeSantis5 noticed it: he spelled it "masterbate." Before continue reading try and guess what his reaction to that reply was. Have you settled for one? Continue reading and be amazed:
Image too small? Click on it!
I can't say anything to top that. It's just too precious. I just can't stop reading it.

Got a douchebag comment you'd like to share with the world? Submit it to: LRRGods@gmail.com. Please include "Douchebag Comment" as a subject.

January 6, 2009


Last night, Rob -the mighty zodiakironfist- posted this video on his channel addressing the now common problem of video removals in YouTube of cover songs. I can't speak for the entire LRRG community, but I could not agree more with him. This is a problem that has been affecting us all, and that's getting worse and worse. I ask of you to check this video out and post it wherever: Myspace profiles, blogs, personal websites, etc, and spread the word. Maybe, just maybe, someone who sees it knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone who can do something about this.

Tribute IS NOT theft!

January 5, 2009



Not having enough showing off his skills with a pick, and for those who think playing with a pick means not knowing how to slap, here is Olralph doing an amazing job with the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Blackeyed Blonde," and again, he makes it look so easy, and I know for a fact this tune is anything but easy. This guy is becoming a master on bass at a demonic pace. Pretty soon very few LRRG's will be able to keep up with Young Master Samuel.

Don't believe that's really him playing? I recommend you click on the stereo link. His bass is on the left channel.

Got a video you'd like to submit? Send it over to LRRGods@gmail.com, or the LRRG YouTube Channel with the title "LRRG Submission" or something other to that effect!



After a few days off from posting, I am back and taking care of business in the good ol' LRRG blog. And what a better way to start off the year with a submission by Björk's fellow country man, our very own Samuel, A.K.A. Olralph setting Iceland on fire?

This was a double submission, so it will be posted in two parts. In this first one, Samuel shows his little-known skills with a pick (I had no idea) by doing the Kings of Leon's "Sex on Fire." If you've followed this blog for a while, you'll be as amazed as me on how good Samuel is getting on bass. Each time he gets more accurate and he makes it look so easy.

Oh, but it's not over yet. Impressed by his pick ability? Wait for part two, in which he slaps.

Got a video you'd like to submit? Send it over to LRRGods@gmail.com, or the LRRG YouTube Channel with the title "LRRG Submission" or something other to that effect!