March 17, 2009


It's time for a little shameless self promotion.

Justin -metallicat511- and I have been planning this little project for some months now, and just could not get it to work. Our search for a drummer was quite easy: we found zildpais; asked him if he wanted to be in our virtual band; he said yes; done. However, finding singers/rappers was another story, since 311 has two vocal parts in almost every song, very different in style and tone. So we decided "screw it. We'll use the original vocals,"and so we did.

After some months of working on it, we finally got our Virtual 311 project going with out first rendition "Feels So Good."We did two versions: this one with the vocals, and another without them, just the three of us playing without any kind of backing track. You can check both out in the Virtual 311 YouTube channel.