December 23, 2008



"Knocking on Heaven's Door" has to be one of Guns 'N Roses' biggest classics, and one of the most covered songs in the realm of YouTube. LRRG jdachiardi's cover however it's a bit different than the rest. Instead of just playing the chords at a similar speed than the original, he slows it down quite a bit, and using his own tone of voice, instead of trying to match that of Axl Rose's (thank God), he ends up with a nice and relaxed version of the song. This one is really worth a listen.

December 22, 2008



The last LRRG Submission before Christmas comes to us from the Living-Room Rock God with the biggest head: mymassivehead shows off his abilities on a guitar by doing Led Zeppelin's "Living Loving Maid," and does a perfect job.

In his info he says this one might be his last Zeppelin cover, and a quick browse through his videos tells me it has been so far. However, I do hope he reconsiders this, 'cause he kicks ass at it. (Does not mean he stopped doing videos. Just not doing any Zeppelin).

You guys should stop by his channel and request some Zeppelin from the great mega-cranium one!

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December 19, 2008

LRRG FRIDAY: "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" by Rob

In addition to the LRRG Submissions on Mondays, I've decided to use Fridays to post videos found among the LRRG's in the LRRG YouTube channel's friend list from now on. If you're not among the friends list there, send your request! Your video could be posted next!

And what better way to start this semi-new thing than with an epic rendition from one of the most looked up bassists in our LRRG community, not to mention the coiner of the term "Living-Room Rock God"? In two parts, zodiakironfist gives us Iron Maiden's "Rime Of The Ancient Marier" in his usual very rock-and-roll way. All hail the mighty zodiakironfist!

Part 1


Part 2


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December 18, 2008



I'm pretty sure David Bowie would be proud as hell if he was to see and hear this great acoustic rendition from fellow UK musician, and LRRG, amazongift of his classic "Ziggy Stardust." He's got a great voice for this particular song. It does not sound like Bowie's himself, but still fits perfectly.

I do not like, however, his hat. Boston Red Sox, baby!

December 16, 2008



Looking for a drum cover to post today, I found chichothedrummer here doing a great rendition of Aerosmith's classic "Walk This Way." I was also glad to find he's a Mexican, so I posted him out of patriotism! Not that it would have made ay difference, because he nails the song. His recording room is awesome. If I had one of those, people would finally stop commenting on my dirty laundry.

December 15, 2008



After a very lazy week with just two updates, it's time to get back to work. How about some Tool for the week's starter played by Junkie825 (or "his Junkieness")? Our young bible-researcher-bassist friend picks up his lovely Rockbass and nails "Reflection" with a nice rock-and-roll metallic sound.

His cat is not a fan of Tool, however, since as you can see at the beginning of the video, it tries to stop the camera from rolling. Then loses interest, like cats do, with an attitude of "uh, whatever."

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December 9, 2008



Romanian cover band, Antipop, have only 6 videos in their channel -found under the account name lesclaypoolMESE, the bassist's account- and they're all worth it. My own personal favorite is their rendition of Primus' "Electric Uncle Sam."

I don't know where they're playing at, but they make the small number of people there go wild! I also recommend their renditions of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Aeroplane" and Incubus' "The Warmth."

These people sure know how to have a good time. No wonder why Count Dracula lives there.

December 8, 2008



Once again, the creator of the RAW (Rock Around the Web) concept, the talented kdc300z submitted a great rendition of a great band: CAKE's "Short Skirt, Long Jacket." The sound on this one is great. It was a great choice to go with that guitar. It provides that Brian Setzer-like sound and fits the song perfectly. I encourage you to click that "Stereo" link on this one. It's really worth it.

I am also glad he didn't chose to appear wearing a short skirt and long jacket on the video.

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December 5, 2008



All I can say about this one is "WOW!" This is a full rendition of Metallica's "Enter Sandman" played by vkgoeswild... ON PIANO! With the solo and everything! Eat your heart out, Apocalyptica.

December 4, 2008



Ever since those Daft Hands and Daft Bodies videos, everybody started doing crazy stuff with Daft Punk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger," -specially after making it to the Weezer "Pork and Beans" video- and guitar covers are not the exception.

In a little over two minutes, guitarist LRRG catamuda delivers his rendition with great accuracy playing to the voice track of the original, making it tough as hell, since he has to jump from very high notes to very low ones in what would be an olympic record time.

In short, he plays it harder, better, faster*, stronger**.

*Not really faster, he stays in tempo.
**Not really stronger, but for the sake of the song's title...

December 2, 2008

DBC: It Finally Happened

Some DBC articles ago (the one about Tarzanism) I said that Douchebag Comments were not far from turning into caveman talk. I have to be honest with you. I didn't really believed it myself. But, it finally happened.

I remember my guitarist asking me not to post our "Pistola" rendition on YouTube because it wasn't our best rendition of the song. In fact, we screwed up a lot. There's even a moment in it -starting the second verse- where the singer looks at him with a look in his eyes of "what the hell are you doing?!" However, it was rehearsal ad we were just having fun so "no harm done," I thought.

I knew we were going to get some criticism, and even some straight-forward Douchebag Comments. But nothing would've prepared me for someone actually having a regression to the actual beginnings of the Human race:

Isn't that amazing? This person actually lost the ability to articulate! Out of all he could have said about this not-so-good rendition of Incubus' "Pistola," he went with this one: "ahghgrhaghrgah." I really don't know what to say in response. I'm afraid if I actually reply, he'll hurl a spear at me. Or maybe some rocks.

One look at this guy's profile was enough to find out this regression to the beginning of time itself was not a coincidence:

If he would've kept on writing, it would've sounded like this: ", aside from cheesey cliche'd comments, I like doing stuff. Lotsa stuff. Most of said "stuff" is reflected in my videos. Stuff is what me likes. Me likey stuff. ME. STUFF. GAH! UGH! AHGHGRHAGHRGAH!"

He's right about something, though. He says he likes to be funny. He is. What a funny Neanderthal he is.

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December 1, 2008



Here's one video that's getting a lot of that "it's fake" crap, and also serves as living proof that douchebags usually don't read video descriptions and they know crap about playing an instrument or recording sound.

In this rendition of Metallica's "Enter Sandman,"LRRG Vanhalen1014 clearly states in his description that this was prerecorded. This means the sound take and the video take are two different takes alltogether, which, as a result, presents some video/audio insonsitencies, making the morons who spend their days negativelly comenting in YouTube videos automatically think it's fake. You know who also records their video and audio in different takes? most Holywood movies.

What really grinds my gears (please don't sue, Seth McFarlane) is people calling this guy a fake when one listen to the audio track makes it obvious that there's a guitar recorded. It even has boo-boo's on it.

So, according to the douchebags who call this guy a fake, he somehow equalized the original recording to bring the original guitar track forward, change the effect on it, and added some mistakes to it (digitally, I'm guessing) and the tried to synch it to the way he plays the song... so, by saying this guy is a fake, they're practically calling him a sound-edting genius.

Please stop by this tune and give it a bigger rating than it's 2-and-a-half stars, which it really doesn't deserve.

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