September 30, 2008



Time to go acoustic with this sixties classic. This is not an exact carbon copy of the original, which is something I always favor to post here. LRRG csason shows off his skills with a slide and gives us a completely new kick-ass version of this "The Weight" rendition, originally from The Band.

Sit back, take a load off, and enjoy.

September 29, 2008


Canadian LRRG CosaNostraDeSantis5 shows both, skill and a sense of humor, in covering one of England's loudest rock bands*' hits, "Big Bottom" in this, his first LRRG Submission ever on the site. And I can share it with you all, thanks to this computer magic!

*Spinal Tap.

September 26, 2008



More and more LRRG's are venturing into the world of original compositions. Earlier in the week I posted the original works of Tensiveseth in audio format. Today, it's the turn of Italian LRRG guitarist, nibbiokyte and his very melodic interpretation of a song of his own creation: "Memories."

Please remember the original material posted on this site, as short as the sample may be, is copyrighted by it's author.

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September 25, 2008



Usually when doing a search for people playing Primus' songs on YouTube, the obvious result is a bass cover, making the drum covers a wee bit overlooked. If you've ever done that, this is a small example of what you're missing. Drummer rizznizzl goes through "Pudding Time" without breaking a sweat.

Now, I'm not a drummer, so I might be easily impressed, but that foot work looks like something that would prevent you from walking the next few days after playing a gig.

September 24, 2008


Multi-instrumentalist-Rush-maniac-LRRG Tensiveseth is back submitting stuff. He shares with us some material which came out of that strange mind of his, translated into music: "Point Of Entry" and "Red Ring Of Death."

The first of these is a little under 2 minutes instrumental recording which shows just how talented this guy is. It goes through three instances (with two pauses) which seems, in my very humble opinion, the beginning of -and I'm guessing here- an epic Rush-style over 10 minute song. Definitively worth checking it out.

Second one is the shortest: a guitar solo that surely reminds me of the Atari-playing days; while it's title reminds me of my deceased XBox 360 and, with it, the fueling hatred I feel towards all things Microsoft.

In case you missed the links up there:
Download "Point Of Entry" (c)
Download "Red Ring Of Death" (c)

Please remember both songs are Copyrighted.

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September 22, 2008



Take the cosmic highway to the moon -or Colorado, at least- with this awesome rendition from Geothro of Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade's over-7-minutes-long "Cosmic Highway," complete with psychedelic video effects and awesome bass-playing! Come to watch him play, and stay for the douchebag comment he got! (hint: starts with: "sigh.").


Using the site for mindless self-promotion once again, and hoping Geothro won't mind sharing the post, I present to you guys a RAW video I (PookLowEnd) did with my buddy kdc300z and awesome Romanian drummer thedb99 of Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Hump De Bump."

So what's this RAW thing? It's a concept created by Ken -or kdc300z- and it stands for "Rock Around the Web": collaborations between musicians on the vast cyberspace. For anyone who would like the RAW intro, I will be posting it on this site and the YouTube LRRG Channel shortly.

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September 19, 2008



Looking through the many videos archived in this site, I realized I've never posted any solo video from drummer collaborator extraordinaire LRRG EricSes, and that is just plain wrong.

Here, he puts both his arms and both his legs in jeopardy as he takes a shot at Pantera's "Cowboys From Hell" (I don't think you can be Texan and not play Pantera at least once. I think it's a law there), and I have to say, he's quite successful. Toward the end of the video I stopped worrying about his playing and became worried about his health and well-being, though!...

...He also does "Kung-Fu Fighting"!

September 18, 2008



LRRG Geothro is something of an expert when it comes to playing Les Claypool's bass lines. His accuracy in Primus' "To Defy The Laws Of Tradition" is quite amazing, which is probably why he was asked repeatedly to make a tutorial. He fought and vanquished nervousness and possibly shame to be in front of the camera doing something other than playing, and, at last, here it is: "To Defy The Laws Of Tradition" by Primus... by Geothro.

September 17, 2008



Recently uploaded, DreidMusicalX's rendition of Metallica's "Hero Of The Day" is so tight, at first I thought the original recording was overpowering his guitar track. However, after closer inspection, and thanks to some parts in which he plays it differently, it became obvious he wasn't being overpowered... he was just doing the tightest. Cover. Ever... EVER!

September 16, 2008



I don't think I need to tell you how awesome Sublime was. Undoubtedly, one of their most known songs is "Badfish," from "40oz. To Freedom." LRRG's stevecash83 and nathanjnavarro joined forces and came up with this awesome collaboration, but I'll let stevecash83 do my work for me and tell you exactly how that happened in the video's intro, while I listen to it once more.

When you grab a hold of me, dum dum dum duuum...

September 15, 2008



This submission is a nice change of pace. LRRG darkoman84 shows us what he's capable of by demonstrating his clear and pro-like tapping technique, just to play a demo of his own composition moments later along with a drum track. He also shows us he's able to play in almost complete darkness. Happy Monday!

September 12, 2008



Here's another rendition from jdjustice72 -who you might remember from this rendition of Radiohead's "Pyramid Song"- this time doing "Idioteque." Instead of making a carbon copy of the original, he strips the song from all it's electronic elements; his version is only piano and voice. It turned out awesome... and even more depressing than the original, yay!

If you like this rendition, you can get a free MP3 by clicking here. If you like what you hear and want to know more about jdjustice72, you can pay him a visit on his website.

September 11, 2008



I love it when this happens. I was looking for a video to post today and came across this wonderful rendition of Radiohead's "Street Spirit" by British youngster LRRG StellaRose1990 which she recorded in her shed. After wishing I had a shed myself, I went to her channel to check more of her videos out, and that's when, among her exchanged comments with other users, I came across...


...this rendition of Newton Faulkner's "Dream Catch Me," by an Australian youngster LRRG - rachellaing89. I found her voice awesome and she put me in quite a predicament: which one of these two talented girls should I post? and then it hit me: "wait a minute," I thought. "I can do whatever the hell I want with this website!" So I decided to post them both. I'm quite sure I won't receive any complaints from anyone.

September 10, 2008



Got this one among the many "shared videos" I get from many different users. This time it was rollingstonedreams. One look at this guy and one would think he's from southern U.S.A. One listen to him and his accent, and one could swear it. You'd never think he's from Europe, would you? From Sweden?! That's right. He's the Swedish redneck -as he calls himself in his channel: rednecksweed, doing a rendition of a band I've never heard before in my life: Free's "All Right Now."

The nicest drummer ever, Phil, a.k.a. King Philip (11111phil11111) has entered a new competition along with his band, Cedar Falls and requires you to vote as many times as possible so we can get him on TV. 

The guys are competing in Orange's Unsigned Act. It takes like 20 seconds to vote!... or at least it would if you wouldn't have to register. However, once you've registered... it takes like 20 seconds to vote! Help a LRRG out!

You can vote more than once... in fact, Phil and Piggy encourage you to do so! Like, every day! Let's go and make Phil win again!

September 9, 2008

OC: "Owner Of The World"


As some of you may know, LRRG Geothro launched a challenge a couple of months ago in hopes that the Living-Room Rock Gods would cover the entire Oysterhead album "The Grand Pecking Order." It's going a bit slow (specially considering the songs in the album aren't precisely a walk in the park), but now we have our second submission for what is now known as The Oysterhead Challenge: Track 13: "Owner Of The World" covered by NotTechSupport on bass.

Already done:
1. "Little Faces" covered by Geothro (bass)
13. "Owner Of The World" covered by NotTechSupport (bass)

Submit your Oysterhead Challenge cover to or the LRRG YouTube Channel!

September 8, 2008



Chris, a.k.a. Boney-C , or CJScrivano, is not only a finger-player, but an accomplished pick-player. He shows off those skills by playing bass to Tool's "Disposition." He also shows off his elaborated leg tattoo. Also shows off his work-out equipment and various mirrors... it too obvious I'm trying not to stare at his crotch?

Submit your LRRG material to: or to the LRRG YouTube Channel.

September 6, 2008


If you're a regular to the LRRG Message Board, and/or the Facebook group, you'll know that LRRG LeopardJoy had been working on a Leopard Lounge episode dedicated entirely to this site and us, the Living-Room Rock Gods. Well, now the wait is over!

View The Leopard Lounge LRRG episode HERE
or in stereo/high quality HERE

Featured in the episode are...

Thank you, Joy, for doing this!


Doesn't seem like it but this is big and great news for us, Living-Room Rock Gods. Couldn't wait until Monday to post this:

Metallica has launched a YouTube channel dedicated to their fans, MetallicaTV. In this video, Lars encourages their LRRG fans to continue to post videos of themselves playing their songs. Why is this big news for us? because in the back of many LRRG minds there was the question of "is what we're doing legal?" and waiting for some big corporation message asking us to delete our covers. After the Viacom law suit against YouTube became known, many of us began attaching the U.S. Fair Use Law along our videos in fear of this. However, if a band as big as Metallica is encouraging this, I think we can only hope more bands will follow and our Living-Room-Rock-Godness will be a new way of interacting between fans and bands. After all, we're all musicians.

So upload away, LRRG's! Uploading covers on YouTube with the purpose of showing-off-- I mean, being criticized by others, is not illegal.

On an awesome side note, our very own LRRG LouddrummerO's rendition of "Enter Sandman" can be found among MetallicaTV's favorites. How cool is that?

September 5, 2008

DBC STUDIES: Douche-Polar Disorder (DPD)

Hello, and welcome to another chapter in the Douchebag Comment Studies; in which we analyze the behavioral pattern of Douchebags and try to discover what drives them to leave DBC's on our videos... or maybe they're just morons?

However, there are times in which the Douchebag's feelings are hurt and their personality switches from their own definition of "nice," to a more aggressive stance, which could even be considered as bi-polar behavior. This form of douchebaggery is known as: Douche-Polar Disorder [or DPD]. To clarify what the studies of this particular personality disorder reveal, please refer to the example below.

Usually, the first comment of a Douchebag with DPBD is very characteristic: nice, almost friendly tone; misleading; and, finally, they will claim they like the video they are (according to them) criticizing. Also, they usually contain more than two "smileys" or "lol"'s or some variation:

Please note, as it is common with Douchebags, the lack of sense and -most of all- contradiction. In one single sentence, the subject managed to call the video "cool" and "a disgrace." As it was mentioned, note the friendly tone and different kinds of "smileys." When confronted with this evidence (in addition to several more about his douchebaggery), the Douchebag reacted:

Again, the lack of sense and logic is evident. Please note, also, the 180-degree in tone. This message shows an aggressive tone and lack of spelling: also very characteristic of DBC's. "... regarding to the bit where I sayd it was great, I did NOT mean this vid!": this sentence shows a specially low-IQ, since this comment was made on a particular video, and raises the question: Which video did you mean, then? Next, after the subject is once again confronted with the lack of sense of his comment, he goes on to insult the user's reading capabilities:

"... next time read your comments properly..." one has to wonder what the subject mean by that. Also, the other half of that sentence becomes interesting: "... and reply that way to!" The Douchebag mind is a mystery, and, at this point, a lot of it it's guessing, but we believe what the subject was trying to communicate was something like: "Next time agree with me with anything I say, and don't make evident my lack of intellect."

The studies of this particular behavioral pattern are not conclusive as of yet, but it is becoming more and more apparent that this Disorder is quite common among the Douchebag community. Further evidence of this and other studies of the Douchebag Community will be posted here as soon as they're studied and analyzed.

Got a douchebag comment? Help these studies develop! Submit it to: Please include "Douchebag Comment" as a subject. Thank you!

September 4, 2008



He's back submitting videos. You know him. You love him. It's Tensiveseth. And he kicks so much ass, he now takes the liberty of, without ever speaking a word, breaking down the bass line from Rush's "The Necromancer." Bow down to the power of the Multi-Instrumentalist-Rush-Maniac.

Done a tutorial or want to share one you found helpful? Submit it to

September 3, 2008


Copyright erica111

Not long ago, I posted an original song called "Love In My Head" by erica111; this one right HERE. If you read the video info (shame on you if you didn't) you might recall her saying it was definitely not complete. Now it is. And it rules. The song also features a very relaxed and greatly played solo by Ken, otherwise known as kdc300z.


Move over, Lars. Step aside, Vinnie. Back off, Tommy. Make way for Alexxandre72 -the best drummer ever. Here, he demonstrates his superior drumming skills doing a medley in which he kicks some serious famous drummer's ass. Alex is so skilled that he can even squeeze a guitar solo in the middle of his drum-playing. 

September 1, 2008



LRRG BlkSabbass was kind enough to submit two videos; both consisting of Black Sabbath songs. The first one is a rendition of "Children Of The Grave" and a display of his skill and accuracy with a pick brought to perfection by over 30 years of LRRGness, as he so eloquently put it.


This second video is a bit dfferent to your common, every-day submission. Featuring more than one song -eight, to be more precise- this over-five minutes medley pretty much gives you a quick look into what you can find in BlkSabbass's channel, including the submission above. It features, in order:

"Behind The Wall of Sleep"
"A National Acrobat"
"Planet Caravan"
"Junior's Eyes"
"Into the Void" (featuring Rimshot247)
"Children of the Grave"

Submit your LRRG material to: