April 15, 2009

LRRGs do "Blood is on Your Hands" by Arch Enemy

Greetings metal fans!

This is the first installment of Zodiak's Metal Menagerie, a semi-regular posting that features the heavier elements of the LRRG world. In here you will find your basic metal, your thrash metal, your power metal, your death metal, and everything in between and beyond these descriptors. If it features long hair, tattoos, head-banging, distorted guitar, and powerful drums, you will find it under this heading. So kick back and enjoy the face-melting power of the metal LRRGs!

The first featured video installment is a cover tune from one of my favorite bands, Arch Enemy. What makes this band so great? Well, for one they have an excellent vocalist, a female named Angela Gossow. What makes her impressive is not that she is female, but that she is a great growler. Metalheads do not make distinctions due to sex, or at least should not. This band also features one of the best guitarists in the metal world, Michael Amott of Carcass fame.

In the spirit of Arch Enemy, I chose this awesome video from TheZer0Hour of Blood is on Your Hands, the opening track off of Arch enemy's latest album. This is a collaborative effort between TheZer0Hour and his guitarplayer, wrathchild368. Zerohour really powers out these vocals, and what can one say about wrathchild368 other than the fact that he is awesome at rhythm and lead (plus he has cool hair). These two play in a band together called Malevolent Awakening, which has a few originals of their own. Both of these gentlemen show you exactly what the sprit of metal is....high intensity, difficult fretwork, and sheer badass-ness.