March 12, 2009

LRRGODDESS WEEK: All in one: bassist, biker, and LRRG

What would you do if you loved both motorcycles and bass? play bass with your bike helmet on, of course; and which song to play while wearing your helmet? none other than Steppenwolf's "Born to be Wild,"obviously.

Continuing with LRRGoddess Week, we come across bassist and Living Room Rock Goddess (and biker) Honda599Girl. I chose to show this video, because I liked her wearing her helmet (even if it meant to sacrifice her ability to hear!) while rockin' out to her bass. However, even though she has just a few videos, they are all worth a look. Her profile doesn't say much about her, so I couldn't assure how long she's been going at the good ol' low end, but it sure seems like it's quite a bit.

In short, Honda599Girl is living proof that anybody who considers both bass and bikes "a man's thing,"is missing out big time.