July 30, 2008


Often overlooked, "Do Do Do, Da Da Da" has a sweet bass line, and, as many of Sting's bass lines, it's quite tough to play it correctly. Bass player blah114a shows us how it's done by nailing this The Police cover. This video is also worth it to take a look at his sweet bass guitars collection...

...and I'm not even going to mention those strapping pajama cut-offs.

July 29, 2008



If you ever look for "original song" in YouTube, you will stumble upon millions of videos. Most of them are... well... "meh," but once in a while, you'll come across one that's just different and screams out talent. This is the perfect example of that. Musician erica111 plays what we might call a first draft of her song "Love In My Head." Even if the title or the lyrics don't appeal to you, just check out the chord progression... that's called "talent."

July 28, 2008


Meet Hector, guitarist extraordinaire from Spain, known in the realms of YouTube as hmanolo. He made a submission of TEN videos to the site, which is more than deeply appreciated! Sadly, I can't post them all at once (the way they usually would be) because of space issues. So what I've decided to do, is to post the one I liked the best and links to the other nine. So, without further ado, I give you...


...Muse's "Plug In Baby," rendition by Hector. We who have heard some Muse know that their guitar riffs can get awfully complicated, and this one is no exception, but this guy pulls it off perfectly.

The other nine renditions Hector submitted for the site are, in no particular order:

July 25, 2008


Looking through these week's updates I realized that, apart from the LRRG Submission, there has not been regular LRRG videos. So, in that case, enjoy an awesome double update.


Want to see a man almost lose his arms? take a look at uni555 doing System Of A Down's "Bring Your Own Bomb," better known as "BYOB." This video is rather complete, since uni555 includes an extra frame of video showing his feet on the bass drum.


Pink Floyd bass covers are usually overlooked, since bassists usually look for more complicated bass lines to show off on YouTube such as Les Claypool's. Here, bass player halloweenfiend666 takes an approach to the instrumental piece "Any Colour You Like," from Dark Side Of The Moon. Sure, it isn't a near-impossible complicated bass line, but man it is good. What could you expect from something that came out of one of the (if not THE) best albums ever?

July 24, 2008


Ever wanted to learn how to play Guns 'N Roses' "Sweet Child O' Mine"'s main guitar riff? Here's your chance! Justin Sandercoe (JustinSandercoeSongs, and JustinSandercoe in YouTube), from justinguitar.com breaks the whole song down and lets you in into the most basic notes, to the little details only the well trained can hear. Enjoy learning this great classic rock song.

Part 1: Main riff.

Part 2: Chords.

Part 3: Solos and sound.

July 22, 2008


This is Dave Marks (davemarks). He has a few videos up on YouTube in which he gives lessons on both bass and even some guitar. The rest of his videos are of himself playing in different gigs. As you can see, the man is a full-blown professional bass player.

In this particular video he discusses a topic that has really divided bass players for a while now: "Should or should I not use a pick?" so, from now on, you can direct those who say playing bass with a pick is "uncool" or "unprofessional" here and see what a real pro thinks.

More Dave Marks lessons getting posted here in the near future.

You can also visit his website at www.davemarks.com

July 21, 2008


Just when the LRRG submissions were about to run out, I received a big new batch! A BIG Thank You to those who have submitted and, since there's only one uploaded submission a week, please be patient for yours to be posted!

Our top submitter Tensiveseth is back again and this time with a video that features not only a Rush song. "WHAT!?" you might ask. That's right! Here he comes out of his usual Rush shell (or Rushell) playing the main riff for Primus' "Too Many Puppies" on bass... just to go into "YYZ" on guitar seconds later.

Submit your LRRG material to: LRRGods@gmail.com

July 18, 2008


Here's the new intro for LRRG videos in two formats. Each .zip file consists of the intro video, as well as the outro.

Feel free to use these intros for your LRRG videos as you see fit!

Download videos in .MOV format

Download videos in .AVI format

If you'd like to have the video in any other format, please let me know via the site's e-mail address.

July 17, 2008

frenchytouch - Bass, Vocals
jun626 - Guitars
mg4150 - Drums

Click on the button next to "play" to toggle display on and off

Submit your Virtual Band to: LRRGods@gmail.com

July 15, 2008



Collaboration videos are becoming more common every day, which is just plain fantastic, since the talents one can come across YouTube artists is just infinite. Virtual Zeppelin drummer mg4150 and multi-instrumentalist dantheman9999 join forces to cover a Beatles tune you might have heard of, called "Taxman" complete with solo and backing vocals. Enjoy!

July 14, 2008


It was about damn time we had another Featured LRRG, right? Meet quaz18, otherwise known as Trevor, an amazingly talented bass player from Boston, who with only 19 years old, he's already kicking ass.

He's known among us Living-Room Rock Gods for his unusual videos, such as his double bass experiment or his rendition of the intro to Steve Vai's "For The Love Of God". He's also known for being a magnet for douchebag comments. I don't know what it is, it's probably because he's not afraid of posting videos like the previously mentioned double bass experiment, but man, does he get his share of morons among his comments.

Also found in his channel: several tutorials for different bass playing techniques, including a very basic major and minor scales one that should come very useful to those bass players who are just starting and want to know a bit more about musical theory.

Besides YouTube, you can also check out quaz in: MYSPACE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and FRIENDSTER.

I'll stop the rambling and let Trevor introduce Trevor as the current Featured Living-Room Rock God.



If you hang out the LRRG forums a lot (and if not, you should) you're familiar with young American guitarist thejohnofsteel. He submitted this video, but that's not him playing, but Dan, his friend and band's bassist, doing his rendition of Incubus' "Hilikus". This video is irrefutable evidence that John is not the only talented one in their band.

You can also find videos of the band I'm talking about (ANEX) in thejohnofsteel's channel.

Submit your LRRG material to: LRRGods@gmail.com

July 12, 2008

Your guitar is completly not Incubus

Too small? click on the image for a better look.
Really, I have no idea what these people are expecting as a response for these kinds of comments. It's like you're not allowed to play Incubus because you are not playing a PRS.

"Aw, man, I was just about playing some Guns 'N Roses, but then I realized... I own a Fender."

I really like his opinion on Tool and... er... "their guitarist" (psst, his name is Adam Jones). Apparently, he uses every... er... "rift" for every song. Yeah, you remember how "Schism" and "The Grudge" sound totally alike? What this guy should really be worried about is learning how to write.

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July 10, 2008



I can't tell you how glad I am to find more and more women drummers and bassists among the infinite musician videos in YouTube. For those people still living in the middle of the last century, this is a perfect example that skills and talent has nothing to do with sex. Drummer Dee603 does a kick-ass rendition of Rage Against The Machine's classic "Killing In The Name Of" that sill make you, at least, tap your pencil against your desk at the office while you pretend to be working.

July 9, 2008



Riddle me this! What do you get when you put a kick ass bass player, two kick ass guitarists and a kick ass drummer to play some Iron Maiden? You get greatness, is what you get! as zodiakironfist, PDXguitarlegend, satchbooggy and wcwhitner show in their new video for "Flight Of Icarus".


A loooooooooooong time ago, I posted this Primus cover band called Da Cheez Dippazz (dacheezdippazz). This rendition of "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver" is part of a series of videos of them in a gig. Check them out, they're great!

July 8, 2008



GetJeffFryed sings and plays a song of his own writing named "One More For The Road". Then, out of nowhere, someone in swim trunks appears and is apparently so glad that he found the shaving cream in his bag. "What?!" I hear you ask. It'll all make sense after you watch the video.

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July 7, 2008


If you hang around the forums, you might know this guy. CJScrivano is his YouTube handle, but to most of us LRRGods he's known with a different name. Hint? White bass, white strap, white everything... Boney-C!

It's Monday so kick back, relax and enjoy his rendition of King Crimson's "One Time". Remember: Monday's are exclusively "show up days."

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July 4, 2008

Got something against Poland?

I love it when these morons criticize something, think that's not enough (probably because they realize their criticism is shallow and pointless (mainly "you suck")) so then they pick on something else that makes absolutely no sense what so ever. Here's the perfect example:

"this sucks and your dirty Poland sucks too !" -- Barca10Ronaldinho

Wow. Now, please bare in mind this Barca10Ronaldinho fellow's YouTube channel says he's 21 years old. I would understand that kind of statement from an 8 year old, you know: "you suck and my dad is taller than yours!"... but he's 21. Old enough to be at college. Old enough to study politics, and soon he could be a full-blown politician... wait a minute, I think we've found a pattern here...

Got a douchebag comment? submit it to LRRGods@gmail.com! Please include "Douchebag Comment" as a subject.

July 3, 2008



Two days ago I posted a talented Argentinian fellow playing piano. After exchanging a few messages with him over at YouTube, he recommended me this video from a friend of his, called pgmproject in which he plays all the parts (with their respective videos) of Seether's "Fake It". It's got great video and audio quality, and much worth the look.

Second update for today is from vanity42. In it, she covers The Dresden Dolls' "My Alcoholic Friends" with her acoustic guitar. What's interesting about this is that her voice and Amanda Palmer's are very different and yet it sounds quite awesome.

July 1, 2008



Shifting a wee bit from the usual rock video, we come across Argentinian LRRG Madpianist09 who does a very nice cover from Norah Jones' "Don't Know Why" on his piano/keyboards, and a very nice one at that... only if it wasn't for that damn car horn at the very end...