August 29, 2008



Amazingly, this is the first Rolling Stones song cover in the Living Room Rock Gods website. FuerADERitmO -from Perú- does one of the Stone's biggest hits -if not the biggest- "Sympathy For The Devil." He starts it off by joining in with the intro percusions, just to jump on the piano moments later and, with this, and not affraid of sounding clichéd, takes the song home.

Also enjoy the Baywatch solo!!! (played by feldrave). (I could NOT resist posting this).

August 28, 2008



If you'd make me guess how long has this girl been playing drums, I would say at least 13 years. So, unless she started playing an hour after birth, I'm wrong. That's right, she's only 13 years old. First time I ever saw a video of her was when LRRG Junkie825 posted a link to her YouTube channel on the Message Board. 5 seconds into her first video, and my jaw had already hit the floor. Hang on to your seat: it's LRRG drumplayher doing Jimi Hendrix's "Fire."

August 27, 2008



I'm guessing most of you have seen this by now, but I figured I'd post it for those who haven't and are wondering what has our very own fireman Mike (Smokeater68) has been up to, since his video production has not been as prolific as it used to.

Here he is telling us about his summer and showing off his newly acquired skills, like yard work, airbrush painting, and some other boring summer activities... man, he's a good shot.

August 26, 2008


Now there's a Living Room Rock Gods' YouTube channel. Come check it out and send a friend request! It'll be a cool way to keep track of the LRRG's in YouTube!

From now on, the LRRG Submissions will be added to the "LRRG Submissions" playlist and displayed on the sidebar's player as well as being featured here, so hurry and submit your videos!

Also, the videos chosen by my during the week will be added to the "Favorites" list.


That's right! For the second day in a row, here's a double update for you to watch instead of working. Why? Because I could not wait to post either of these. Enjoy!


First video is from a well-known LRRG: metallicat511. Well-known because of his awesomeness and great talent for guitar (among other instruments). In this video, however, he's not doing a particular song, but playing with feedback; a technique used by Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.

Apparently, for this nifty little trick to work, your guitar amp hast to be turned up really loud. Notice his ear muffs. Those are used for shooting guns... GUNS!


If you think you're a big Flea fan, prepare yourself to be disappointed before hitting "play" on this video. Now this is what makes a real LRRG. Australian freakystyley4000 does his rendition of The Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Blackeyed Blonde", while wearing... that! How cool is that outfit?! Must've taken hours to sow all those stuffed animals to his pants. Also, I think it's the first time ever I've seen an Aussie man wearing a Lakers jersey. But I'm not a fan of basketball...

August 25, 2008


Because of the lack of video updates last week, I'll make it up for you, LRRG's, with a double treat on the week's most awful day: Monday.


First off, and like every week, the traditional LRRG Submission. Lazy/efficient LRRG NotTechSupport from the U.S.A. does "Green Tinted Sixties Mind" from Mr. Big. Why is he lazy/efficient? He tunes the song down a step instead of his bass. Now THAT is making your surroundings adapt to YOU. He says he's lazy... I call that resourceful.


After coming home from a walk this morning I came across the third video from The Virtual Beatles -one of two virtual cover bands from drummer mg4150- and, to my surprise, it was "Happiness Is A Warm Gun," which happens to be one of my favorite Beatles song. Needless to say, these guys' cover is awesome.

"Happiness Is A Warm Gun" by The Virtual Beatles:
frenchytouch: bass, vocals
jun626: guitars
mg4150: drums

Submit your LRRG material to:

August 22, 2008

DOCUHEBAGS STUDIES: low self-esteem

*Educated English accent* Continuing with the study of the douchebag mind, we come across certain characteristics which seem to be common to all the studied subjects. For instance, they often show low self-esteem, which manifests itself with high levels of defensiveness, shown in the example below.

Take, for example, this comment left on one of thejohnofsteel's videos; once again, directed towards his guitar:
When confronted with the obvious douchebaggery of his comment by the channel's user, as well as the threat of being ignored, the subject -evidencing once more his low self-esteem, as well as his low I.Q.- immediately makes another attack towards the musician's skills -- this time without taking into consideration the outcome of his comment, or even the sense it makes. Like an octopus spraying it's predator with a squirt of ink, he comes back with this:
At this time, the studied subject becomes really offended at the sarcastic reply of his previous non-sense rant, so he tries to elaborate and show knowledge -- like a peacock spreading it's feathers, to keep with the animal kingdom theme:
This is where it gets very interesting. After the musician has made it clear he has more knowledge than our specimen, he suffers what can only be described as a circuit meltdown. In the following two replies, he loses every bit of self-respect, confessing at one point he's not even a guitarist, and then going back to his original point which was already proven senseless by the musician, trying to make it more clear, by "yelling," -- like a cave man:
This concludes the studies for today, but they will continue until we discover the true nature of the mystery that are The Douchebags.

Got a douchebag comment? Help these studies develop! Submit it to: Please include "Douchebag Comment" as a subject. Thank you!

August 21, 2008


This one is for anyone who has gotten told to strop trying to learn an instrument because they have the wrong bone structure, or are tone-deaf, or just plain suck. As you may remember, there's a Living-Room Rock Goddess out there called Susan -also known by her YouTube handle emusedone- who is quite the inspiration for anyone who has ever been told they can't play.

In case you don't remember, Susan suffers from Lupus which affects her hands and joints, preventing her from using her fingers in a normal way. You'd think learning to play an instrument for someone with this condition would be impossible, but not her. She decided she was going to learn to play the bass. She did it. She also did a website dedicated to her learning process. features everything about Susan, from her pictures to links of different kinds of websites, weather it's for bass lessons, or just about music (she even mentions this one!) and even a blog of her own which she uses to post her videos, ideas and thoughts. In the site you can also find links to Susan's YouTube channel and MySpace profile, in case you want to add her as a friend.

In short, the site shows Susan's unique view on music and bass learning and why it is important. Next time anyone tells you you suck, or your fingers are not long enough to play bass, have a look around and tell them to shove it!

"She has Lu-what?!" Go HERE

Got a blog/website/channel? Submit it to: Please include "Submitted blog/website/channel" (or something to that effect) as a subject. Thank you!

August 19, 2008


Come join the Living-Room Rock Gods group in Facebook! Get to know other Living-Room Rock Gods around the world! Leave them messages! Post your videos and pictures!


As you're probably aware, floating around the realm of YouTube, there are a few shows which main purpose is to promote talented musicians who play in their living-room, or, as we refer to them here, Living-Room Rock Gods. One of the closest friends to the LRRG's website is LeopardJoy, creator and host of one of such shows, The Leopard Lounge.

This week, The Lounge featured someone who is very known to us. Our mighty leader (although to this day he says he's not) zodiakironfist is only the second bass player to make the show, if I'm not mistaken. If you would like to hear some facts you might not know Rob spoken by the lovely Joy, go pay a visit to The Leopard Lounge. It was a great episode!

Along with Rob, two other talented musicians got featured on The Lounge this week who are very worth the look: EdMuirton, and KennethRMullins.

Watch "The Leopard Lounge" show in MONO/NORMAL QUALITY or in STEREO/HIGH QUALITY.

August 15, 2008


I almost forgot! I have to upload a third time!


For those who don't know him, this is JonasBridgous, from Ireland. Among his videos, this one is a bit of an oddity. He usually does funk tunes, but in this one, he tackles a Flea rock bass line written for The Mars Volta's "Roulette Dares." It's not only a cover. It's a full transcription of the original, no less.



British drummer jouxplan takes on the difficult task of emulating Stewart Copeland's drum beat on The Police's known hit "Walking On The Moon" with great precision. You don't have to be a drummer to know that that's is certainly not an easy task.

Coming a bit later: Apology Update, number 3.


Hello people! Sorry about the lack of updates in the last few days. To make up for it, I'll post three times throughout the day. This is update number 1.


YouTube guitarists gewerh43 and ocrue, from Mexico and Japan respectively, collaborate in this awesome rendition of Guns 'N Roses' "Out Ta Get Me." While ocrue plays the lead guitar, gewerh43 responds by nailing the rhythm, including the little details which get their own video frames, allowing to see exactly what's going on.

This is a cool one to watch, weather you're looking to learn the song, or are just looking for four minutes and twenty three seconds of entertainment.

August 12, 2008


Man, I love it when LRRG's modify the song they're covering and turn it into something that sometimes turns out even better than the original. It's what makes the difference between musician and interpreter, in my own humble opinion, and that difference it's very clear in this video.

Weather you like Alanis Morrisette or not, this rendition of "Hand In My Pocket" by British musician xKissKrisx is a must-see. Even though the main melody in her voice stays pretty much the same, she makes some wonderful arrangements with her piano, and the result is a stunning version of the song. It certainly stands out among the many, many, many "Hand In My Pocket" covers in the Tube.

Miss Kris, I for one, salute you.

August 11, 2008



This week, guitarist Ken -or kdc300z- shows off both his guitar and production skills for his rendition of "1st Thing's 1st" by Phantom Planet, multiplying himself several times to play the several guitar tracks of the song, placing himself (and his clones) in front of a PRS graphic which I don't know if it's also his doing, but no matter... his production value is just stunning. This is a nice one to start off the week.

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August 8, 2008



Living-Room Rock Godness at it's best. British musicians Squizz (guitar, vocals) and KP (bass, vocals) do an acoustic rendition of The Red Hot Chili Peppers' (or "The Chilies", as they refer to them in this video's description) "Otherside," - posted in Squizz's YouTube channel, squizzlepants - throwing in a couple of their own arrangements.

They also have a MySpace profile, which you can check out by clicking HERE.

August 7, 2008


Instead of featuring a YouTube channel, this time I'll feature a fellow blogger. At first glance, Hey Bass Guy might look like a blog directed exclusively to bass players. For instance, if you're looking for a song tutorial, this might be the place you're looking for: this guy has many.

However, it also features articles that might appeal to other types of readers. He writes his own articles, like my own personal favorite: "Hey Bass Guy's guide to the 5 types of bass guitars you should NEVER buy," but also discusses news and happenings of the world of music in general. Finally, he also posts fellow YouTube musicians from time to time (like yours truly, even).

It's basically a guy, a bass guy, who has his own opinions about stuff and is not afraid to share them. Check him out, specially if you're a bassist!

Got a blog/website/channel? Submit it to: Please include "Submitted blog/website/channel" (or something to that effect) as a subject. Thank you!

August 5, 2008



I've never heard from Coroner before watching Rob's (the mighty zodiakironfist) videos. Just not my taste in music. However, watching someone play anything (well) from this band is very impressive, as you will see with graffengrinder's rendition of "Nosferatu."

As you can see from the main riff, Coroner played fast as hell. This pattern repeats for the chorus; and the bridge; and the solo; and the outro... grab a fire extinguisher! His fretboard will catch on fire any second now!

August 4, 2008



This one is a little different than what is normally showcased on the site. LRRG jloch84 does a very, very accurate rendition of "Darling Dear" by The Jackson Five, which he regards to be the greatest bass line in the world. It's a damn cool bass line at least, and quite the complicated one!

In addition to his video, jloch84 offers tabs of it, which are very difficult to find these days (thank you, corporate blood-sucking lawyers). Just drop him a message!

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August 1, 2008

satchbooggy - guitar
wcwhitner - drums

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I've got to be honest. I've never heard of this Scars Of Broadway band before, not to mention this song. However, drummer Ramul covers their song "Serious" with great skill. He is from... Nuuk, Greenland!? wow! That makes him the most exotic LRRG to date!