April 27, 2009

SUB: Just What The Doctor Ordered

LRRG sageguitar70 submitted three videos, giving me the chance and freedom to choose from three renditions of three songs... thanks, sage! So, why Ted Nugent's "Just What the Doctor Ordered"? Like always, it reflects sage's LivingRoom-Rock-Godness the best, in my own and humble opinion, even though it cuts off mid-solo.

That epiphone is crazy! I've never seen one like that. According to the video description box, it's a 1976 Epiphone Crestwood Model ET290. I don't know much about guitars and gear and such, but this one really gives that solo that "classic" sound, and makes it fly.

Other submissions by sageguitar70: Foo Fighters' "Everlong" and Judas Priest's "Green Manalishi," both on guitar. Click on the links to check them out.
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