April 30, 2009


Two facts we know to be true no matter the circumstances: Brazilians seem to have a natural talent for music, and Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" is awesome; and when you mix those two in an acoustic cover, the result is nothing short of amazing. Time and time again I've said I love it when LRRG's put something of their own into the covers they play, and our carioca friend andrellsv here is no exception. Instead of trying to imitate Eddie Vedder's voice, he uses his own tone with fantastic results.

April 28, 2009


Ever since the video removal by the record companies started on YouTube, the LivingRoom Rock Gods have been looking for an alternate site for uploading their material. A few months ago, I wrote a post about blip.tv being a good choice for it's good quality in both video and audio, but there's something missing from that alternative: the musician community.

However, Wekastar.com has that, since the whole site is a musician community. The video and audio are not as good as blip.tv, and it has some synch issues (as you'll be able to see with this video of myself), but I'm guessing this site is less likely to get hit by the copyright holders as hard as YouTube has. Some LRRG's are posting their stuff there as well as YouTube, such as zodiakironfist (his Primus covers are available there) and Spector2112.

Wekastar advertises itself as an online "American Idol" (ew) because it offers competitions and apparently record deals to those who win them. I cannot say for sure weather that's true or not, so please check that out before you enter any competition. As a "storage" for your videos and sharing them with other musicians, I think it can be a nice alternative.

April 27, 2009

SUB: Just What The Doctor Ordered

LRRG sageguitar70 submitted three videos, giving me the chance and freedom to choose from three renditions of three songs... thanks, sage! So, why Ted Nugent's "Just What the Doctor Ordered"? Like always, it reflects sage's LivingRoom-Rock-Godness the best, in my own and humble opinion, even though it cuts off mid-solo.

That epiphone is crazy! I've never seen one like that. According to the video description box, it's a 1976 Epiphone Crestwood Model ET290. I don't know much about guitars and gear and such, but this one really gives that solo that "classic" sound, and makes it fly.

Other submissions by sageguitar70: Foo Fighters' "Everlong" and Judas Priest's "Green Manalishi," both on guitar. Click on the links to check them out.
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April 24, 2009

POTW: Duel!

We all know what LivingRoom Rock God quaz18 is capable of, either with a 4-string, or a 6-string. This time he joins forces with a guitarist and singer simply known as "Joe" (and that's what I can gather from this video's key words) to play an original tune: "A Duel on Tundra."These guys sure have a knack for composition, which shows from the first few seconds of the intro, and stays throughout the entire song. A very nice choice for this week's "Pick of the Week."
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April 23, 2009


Risking having to withstand mockery from other LRRG's, I have to admit it: I do like that New Found Glory's hit song from a few years back "My Friends Over You,"I think it's a fun song. But I swear I was not looking for that specific song when I found this! Really!

Anyway, meet Japanese LivingRoom Rock God and guitarist santei0823 who appears to be having a great time playing this. And why shouldn't he? It's fun I tell you! I know secretly you're going to try play it for yourself, so click here for the song's tabs, which I found in this video's info box. Shhhh!

April 22, 2009


Once again, a rebel LivingRoom Rock God messes with a classic song, adding a drum beat to The Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby." Even if it would have existed in the original version of the song, my guess is Ringo would have played it in a completely different fashion, making alexm141's version really interesting to listen to.

Considering the amount of fanboys lurking around the YouTube cyber-space just looking for videos to piss on, we also have to admire his courage. Great job, brother LRRG!

April 21, 2009

SUB: Paperkutnication

Remembering times when one could freely play Red Hot Chili Peppers' songs on YouTube, paperkut69 submitted this rendition of the MTV massively overplayed (but still great song) "Californication" on bass. As a good LRRG should always do, other than playing a perfect carbon copy of the original, he adds little arrangements and diddys here and there, making it quite unique and his own.

Next Week: Nudgent? Foo? Judas?
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April 17, 2009

POTW: "Schoolyard Bully" is finally up!

It's finally up! zodiakironfist has finished his video for his original song "Schoolyard Bully,"originally written with his band Mojo Barefoot, circa 1994, and is currently gracing the hallways of YouTube's music material (or what's left of it).

Like his previous video, "The Vowel Song,""Schoolyard Bully"'s animation is done in a style very reminiscent of South Park, and it's humor is very characteristic of the LRRG entomologist we've come to know so well; it even has a moral to the whole thing. You'll have to watch 'till the end to see what I'm talking about.

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April 15, 2009

LRRGs do "Blood is on Your Hands" by Arch Enemy

Greetings metal fans!

This is the first installment of Zodiak's Metal Menagerie, a semi-regular posting that features the heavier elements of the LRRG world. In here you will find your basic metal, your thrash metal, your power metal, your death metal, and everything in between and beyond these descriptors. If it features long hair, tattoos, head-banging, distorted guitar, and powerful drums, you will find it under this heading. So kick back and enjoy the face-melting power of the metal LRRGs!

The first featured video installment is a cover tune from one of my favorite bands, Arch Enemy. What makes this band so great? Well, for one they have an excellent vocalist, a female named Angela Gossow. What makes her impressive is not that she is female, but that she is a great growler. Metalheads do not make distinctions due to sex, or at least should not. This band also features one of the best guitarists in the metal world, Michael Amott of Carcass fame.

In the spirit of Arch Enemy, I chose this awesome video from TheZer0Hour of Blood is on Your Hands, the opening track off of Arch enemy's latest album. This is a collaborative effort between TheZer0Hour and his guitarplayer, wrathchild368. Zerohour really powers out these vocals, and what can one say about wrathchild368 other than the fact that he is awesome at rhythm and lead (plus he has cool hair). These two play in a band together called Malevolent Awakening, which has a few originals of their own. Both of these gentlemen show you exactly what the sprit of metal is....high intensity, difficult fretwork, and sheer badass-ness.

April 13, 2009

SUB: La Villa Spector

Once again Brad, or Spector2112 graces the LRRG website with one more of his videos. This time however, he does so with a couple of buddies of his. They get together every so often to rock it out together; in this case, with Rush's "La Villa Strangiato," filmed around Christmas, 2006. It's 8 minutes of pure LivingRoom-Rock-Godness, as it usually is when old friends get together to just play.

Next Time: Careful. You don't want to get a paperkut.
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April 8, 2009


Wal basses have a very distinct metallic-agressive sound, and is most often associated with Tool. Other than TOOLbassplayer, Justin Chancellor and Paul McCartney (at Knebworth, 1989), I've never seen anyone work one, but now we can add Toolmybass to the list of Wal Bass users with this rendition of the 8-minute "The Grudge" complete with effects and awesomeness.

April 6, 2009


EricSes - 1st place (5 votes)
As you've probably guessed by now by the enormous banner now displayed in the title, the winner of the LRRG Banner contest is none other than EricSes, and it all was by a single vote... of the whole 15, with zodiakironfist's as the runner-up.

Thanks to the people who voted and those who submitted their work!

Coming Soon: T-Shirt design contest.

zodiakironfist - 2nd place (4 votes)

LouddrummerO -3rd place (3 votes)

girgen - 3rd place (3 votes)

April 2, 2009


Thom Yorke is Canadian? Here I was thinking all this time he's English. Wait, that's not him is it? Well, if you give the "play" button a go, you'll see it's easy to make that mistake.

Singer/Guitarist ooOantonOoo from Canada sings mostly Radiohead covers --although recently he has been uploading some originals-- and he sounds just like Thom Yorke. Having said that, it's pointless to mention (but I'll do that anyway) that he's awesome. After watching a few of his videos I was torn over which one to upload. I chose "Paranoid Android" because, besides showing off his vocal abilities, it also displays his skill on the acoustic guitar. The rest of his videos, however, are very much worth a look, as well.

April 1, 2009


A few days ago, I wrote a post asking people to vote for zakryan79's rendition of "Master Of Puppets" on bass for a contest in RockItOutBlog so he could win two free CD's, and I guess it worked, because he won. What I'm not too happy about is his choice of CD's. He chose Britney Spears' "Circus" and Christina Aguilera's "Back To Basics." Honestly, if I had known he was going to waste his prize in that crap, I would've never helped him...

...Happy April's Fool's Day! Zak's actually asking for Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" and Bob Marley's "Catch a Fire;"even though he would've asked for "Circus" and "Back To Basics,"I would've been happy to help him.

Thanks a lot for voting for him!