January 15, 2009



OK, this is going to need a bit of an explanation: José José is a Mexican singer who's had a lot of hits throughout the years. It's one of those people who's career has lasted more than one decade. Personally I don't like him one bit, but everybody knows who he is.

Some years ago, one of those tribute albums was released in which several rock bands recorded one oe of his songs each and "updated" them to their own style and liking. One of them was rock band La Lupita, who remade his hit song "Gavilán o Paloma" ("Sparrowhawk or Pigeon"), making it a hit all over again.

In this RAW video, two great YouTube guitarists: kdc300z and newly-incorporated LRRG achcautli have a go at the song with great playing, great sound, great editing (it looks like they're standing next to each other in one room!), and last, but not least, a great achcautli outfit!