January 16, 2009

LRRG FRIDAY: "Surprise! You're Dead!" by Brad


"What!? You posted Rob twice in a row for LRRG Friday!" No. I did not. This is Brad, or Spector2112 in the realm of YouTube. But I get your point. It's freaky how much they look like each other. They both play the same way, they move the same, and they even have the same age! I think the only way you can tell them apart is by noticing that Brad plays a Spector bass, while Rob plays a Rick and a Schecter.

Anyway, enough about the long-lost rock brothers. Let's focus on the one with the beard. Brad here does a bass line of a band I have not seen many covers of: Faith No More. He makes his Spector sound really "metally" on this one, really incorportaing it into the song, and "Surprise! You're Dead!" makes a nice tune to kick off the weekend with.

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