January 27, 2009


Copyright (c) The Silverfish

Meet Stan and his band The Silverfish. He recently joined the LRRG realm -and can be found with the screen name thesilverfish- and immediately submitted two videos: the first one was a cover, which I added to the usual LRRG Submission queue, which is getting quite long (thanks for that, LRRG's) and will be appearing in a few weeks.

This is the second video he submitted: an original song titled "All In Tune." He did everything in this one: wrote the music, wrote the lyrics, played all the instruments, recorded them all, videotaped it, edited the video... who says being a LRRG is easy?!

"All In Tune" is not the only original song this guy has. In fact, there's a whole CD worth of original The Silverfish tunes. Check out both his website at www.thesilverfishband.com and his MySpace for more info on him, his band and to listen more of his stuff.

Got some original material you'd like to submit? Send it over to LRRGods@gmail.com, or the LRRG YouTube Channel with the title "Original Material" or something to that effect!