January 19, 2009



Sorry about skipping the LRRG Submission section, specially to jsd1982 who's video is next in line, it will return next week as usual. This just could not wait to get posted and shown off in every LRRG community blog, channel or site out there.

Proud LRRG Adje1960 -known in the LRRG forums as Ace38- put together a song with help from korgrandi, and mymassivehead, about being a Living-Room Rock God.

Ace does a great job on rhythm guitar, vocals, programming, mixing and editing (I'm guessing all of that took a while!); korgrandi's bass line could not be tighter, and, last but not least, the one with the big cranium, mymassivehead, pulls out a guitar solo that's going to be the envy of many. Personally, it made me proud to be a member of this awesome community we have going on and inspired me to keep posting videos.

Oh, but wait, it gets better. You like the song? You can download the MP3 right HERE!