January 26, 2009



Who does not remember this song's intro from the Kill Bill preview? I remember I was so hyped. I was a big Tarantino fan then and I've loved his 3 previous films. Then the Kill Bill time came and it disappointed the crap out of me.

Now comes the non-disappointment part of this post: jsd1982's rendition of Tomoyasu Hotei's "Battle Without Honor or Humanity." This guy is damn skilled. Without effort, he delievers the song without error or arrogance. The only way he could've get any closer to the original material is if he had worn a yellow jumpsuit with a black stripe and a blonde wig.

Now here's a acouple of treats: he's made an MP3 available of his own recording which you can download here, or, if you're more into playing an instrument like he does, he also recorded a very complete video tutorial.