September 10, 2008



Got this one among the many "shared videos" I get from many different users. This time it was rollingstonedreams. One look at this guy and one would think he's from southern U.S.A. One listen to him and his accent, and one could swear it. You'd never think he's from Europe, would you? From Sweden?! That's right. He's the Swedish redneck -as he calls himself in his channel: rednecksweed, doing a rendition of a band I've never heard before in my life: Free's "All Right Now."

The nicest drummer ever, Phil, a.k.a. King Philip (11111phil11111) has entered a new competition along with his band, Cedar Falls and requires you to vote as many times as possible so we can get him on TV. 

The guys are competing in Orange's Unsigned Act. It takes like 20 seconds to vote!... or at least it would if you wouldn't have to register. However, once you've registered... it takes like 20 seconds to vote! Help a LRRG out!

You can vote more than once... in fact, Phil and Piggy encourage you to do so! Like, every day! Let's go and make Phil win again!