September 6, 2008


Doesn't seem like it but this is big and great news for us, Living-Room Rock Gods. Couldn't wait until Monday to post this:

Metallica has launched a YouTube channel dedicated to their fans, MetallicaTV. In this video, Lars encourages their LRRG fans to continue to post videos of themselves playing their songs. Why is this big news for us? because in the back of many LRRG minds there was the question of "is what we're doing legal?" and waiting for some big corporation message asking us to delete our covers. After the Viacom law suit against YouTube became known, many of us began attaching the U.S. Fair Use Law along our videos in fear of this. However, if a band as big as Metallica is encouraging this, I think we can only hope more bands will follow and our Living-Room-Rock-Godness will be a new way of interacting between fans and bands. After all, we're all musicians.

So upload away, LRRG's! Uploading covers on YouTube with the purpose of showing-off-- I mean, being criticized by others, is not illegal.

On an awesome side note, our very own LRRG LouddrummerO's rendition of "Enter Sandman" can be found among MetallicaTV's favorites. How cool is that?