September 1, 2008



LRRG BlkSabbass was kind enough to submit two videos; both consisting of Black Sabbath songs. The first one is a rendition of "Children Of The Grave" and a display of his skill and accuracy with a pick brought to perfection by over 30 years of LRRGness, as he so eloquently put it.


This second video is a bit dfferent to your common, every-day submission. Featuring more than one song -eight, to be more precise- this over-five minutes medley pretty much gives you a quick look into what you can find in BlkSabbass's channel, including the submission above. It features, in order:

"Behind The Wall of Sleep"
"A National Acrobat"
"Planet Caravan"
"Junior's Eyes"
"Into the Void" (featuring Rimshot247)
"Children of the Grave"

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