November 27, 2008



I found this one among Rob's favorites, which is where I go when I want to post something of Death Metal, or Speed Metal, or Heavy Metal, or any other branch of Metal with another adjective altogether. I can always trust in finding something cool in there, like this one.

You just know it has to be a metal song when it's title is something like "Dead and Grotesque," and if you consider the band's name is Spawn Of Possession, then there's no doubt left... and if, on top of it, we take a look at the name of the guy playing, then even the tiniest shred of doubt of "hmm... well, maybe it's a jazz band" gets blown to smithereens: RiversofGore.

I don't know how guitarists who write riffs like this one can play 2-hour concerts, in all honesty. But it sure is entertaining to watch!