November 20, 2008


Not long ago, I got an e-mail from some guy thanking me for introducing him to Coroner thanks to my YouTube videos. After the results from the lab came back, which said I do not suffer from amnesia, I messaged him back and told him thank you, but I've never played Coroner. It did not take long for us to realize he was intending to contact Rob (zodiakironfist) who, indeed, plays a mean Coroner*.

The e-mail said something else. He recommended a band which goes by the name of "Medieval" from the eighties who are just making a comeback. It's safe to say I had no idea who the hell he was talking about, since they're kind of underground, and I'm nothing of a musicologist, but I decided to check them out anyway.

Long story short, these guys were around when hair metal ruled the airwaves and thrash metal was rebelling against it. One quick listen to "Blood and Anger" and it becomes obvious why Medieval didn't fit in any of those two scenes. They're deffinetly not a spandex-wearing, hole-in-the-ozone-spray kind of band; but they didn't have showlder-length hair and their music is not a who-can-play-faster competition either. Medieval would've been a nice alterantive to those two main scenes during the eighties if they hadn't been caught in the middle of a legal battle between record labels.

However, they've started releasing new material and playing live after 20 years [the guy who sent me the e-mail had just seen them the night before and said it was awesome] so they're deffnitively worth a listen (which you can do on their MySpace profile). Even if it's not your style of music, it's interesting to note what kind of alternatives were around in the era of spandex vs leather.

*Rob, "damaged justice" says thanks for introducing him to Coroner.

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