November 21, 2008



My buddy kdc300z has been making a lot of RAW videos recently. For those of you who don't remember, RAW stand for "Rock Around the Web" and you can get the intro for it in the LRRG YouTube Channel.

Thanks to him, I discovered HouseFunk here. They did a 311 collaboration together for "Purpose" [which you can see here] and I immediately subscribed to this talented bassist's channel. Yes, he's very good, and hardly ever misses a note, but I got to admit that was not my main motivaton. Despite our current campaign's slogan, this time my motivation is theft. He doesn't know I'm just measuring his room's dimentions, and when he least expects it, I'm going to climb off from the roof like Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible and steal that beautiful 5-string Thumb BO from him... SHHH!...

...Oh, he's playing 311's "Uncalm."