August 19, 2008


As you're probably aware, floating around the realm of YouTube, there are a few shows which main purpose is to promote talented musicians who play in their living-room, or, as we refer to them here, Living-Room Rock Gods. One of the closest friends to the LRRG's website is LeopardJoy, creator and host of one of such shows, The Leopard Lounge.

This week, The Lounge featured someone who is very known to us. Our mighty leader (although to this day he says he's not) zodiakironfist is only the second bass player to make the show, if I'm not mistaken. If you would like to hear some facts you might not know Rob spoken by the lovely Joy, go pay a visit to The Leopard Lounge. It was a great episode!

Along with Rob, two other talented musicians got featured on The Lounge this week who are very worth the look: EdMuirton, and KennethRMullins.

Watch "The Leopard Lounge" show in MONO/NORMAL QUALITY or in STEREO/HIGH QUALITY.