August 26, 2008


That's right! For the second day in a row, here's a double update for you to watch instead of working. Why? Because I could not wait to post either of these. Enjoy!


First video is from a well-known LRRG: metallicat511. Well-known because of his awesomeness and great talent for guitar (among other instruments). In this video, however, he's not doing a particular song, but playing with feedback; a technique used by Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.

Apparently, for this nifty little trick to work, your guitar amp hast to be turned up really loud. Notice his ear muffs. Those are used for shooting guns... GUNS!


If you think you're a big Flea fan, prepare yourself to be disappointed before hitting "play" on this video. Now this is what makes a real LRRG. Australian freakystyley4000 does his rendition of The Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Blackeyed Blonde", while wearing... that! How cool is that outfit?! Must've taken hours to sow all those stuffed animals to his pants. Also, I think it's the first time ever I've seen an Aussie man wearing a Lakers jersey. But I'm not a fan of basketball...