August 22, 2008

DOCUHEBAGS STUDIES: low self-esteem

*Educated English accent* Continuing with the study of the douchebag mind, we come across certain characteristics which seem to be common to all the studied subjects. For instance, they often show low self-esteem, which manifests itself with high levels of defensiveness, shown in the example below.

Take, for example, this comment left on one of thejohnofsteel's videos; once again, directed towards his guitar:
When confronted with the obvious douchebaggery of his comment by the channel's user, as well as the threat of being ignored, the subject -evidencing once more his low self-esteem, as well as his low I.Q.- immediately makes another attack towards the musician's skills -- this time without taking into consideration the outcome of his comment, or even the sense it makes. Like an octopus spraying it's predator with a squirt of ink, he comes back with this:
At this time, the studied subject becomes really offended at the sarcastic reply of his previous non-sense rant, so he tries to elaborate and show knowledge -- like a peacock spreading it's feathers, to keep with the animal kingdom theme:
This is where it gets very interesting. After the musician has made it clear he has more knowledge than our specimen, he suffers what can only be described as a circuit meltdown. In the following two replies, he loses every bit of self-respect, confessing at one point he's not even a guitarist, and then going back to his original point which was already proven senseless by the musician, trying to make it more clear, by "yelling," -- like a cave man:
This concludes the studies for today, but they will continue until we discover the true nature of the mystery that are The Douchebags.

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