August 25, 2008


Because of the lack of video updates last week, I'll make it up for you, LRRG's, with a double treat on the week's most awful day: Monday.


First off, and like every week, the traditional LRRG Submission. Lazy/efficient LRRG NotTechSupport from the U.S.A. does "Green Tinted Sixties Mind" from Mr. Big. Why is he lazy/efficient? He tunes the song down a step instead of his bass. Now THAT is making your surroundings adapt to YOU. He says he's lazy... I call that resourceful.


After coming home from a walk this morning I came across the third video from The Virtual Beatles -one of two virtual cover bands from drummer mg4150- and, to my surprise, it was "Happiness Is A Warm Gun," which happens to be one of my favorite Beatles song. Needless to say, these guys' cover is awesome.

"Happiness Is A Warm Gun" by The Virtual Beatles:
frenchytouch: bass, vocals
jun626: guitars
mg4150: drums

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