August 21, 2008


This one is for anyone who has gotten told to strop trying to learn an instrument because they have the wrong bone structure, or are tone-deaf, or just plain suck. As you may remember, there's a Living-Room Rock Goddess out there called Susan -also known by her YouTube handle emusedone- who is quite the inspiration for anyone who has ever been told they can't play.

In case you don't remember, Susan suffers from Lupus which affects her hands and joints, preventing her from using her fingers in a normal way. You'd think learning to play an instrument for someone with this condition would be impossible, but not her. She decided she was going to learn to play the bass. She did it. She also did a website dedicated to her learning process. features everything about Susan, from her pictures to links of different kinds of websites, weather it's for bass lessons, or just about music (she even mentions this one!) and even a blog of her own which she uses to post her videos, ideas and thoughts. In the site you can also find links to Susan's YouTube channel and MySpace profile, in case you want to add her as a friend.

In short, the site shows Susan's unique view on music and bass learning and why it is important. Next time anyone tells you you suck, or your fingers are not long enough to play bass, have a look around and tell them to shove it!

"She has Lu-what?!" Go HERE

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