February 5, 2009


Even the Angry Video Game Nerd is getting hit by the WMG iron-fist and has gotten a few of his movies removed because of the soundtrack, so he is now looking for original music to use as a soundtrack. As you may know, the AVGN gets quite the exposure for being somewhat of a YouTube celebrity, plus getting his videos featured in the MTV-owned video website Gametrilers.com and the famous ScrewAttack.com. So if you're looking for exposure, send James an e-mail with the subject "Music" to James@Cinemassacre.com. Full information here.

Films James is looking music for. Quotes taken from this Cinemassacre.com article.

Beer Man
"The music problem was over the ZZ Top song in the beginning. I’m thinking to replace it with the original “beer man” song heard at the end. But it may be a good idea for you to watch over the video and redo any other parts that have music in them. All I’m looking for is original compositions. Nothing specific. I don’t really care too much about these movies."

Kung-Fu Werewolf From Outer Space
"The dispute was over the Black Sabbath song during the end credits. Most of this movie was all royalty free library music anyway. But there’s some Pink Floyd in there and other stuff, so just be creative and wherever you hear music, feel free to compose something original that complements the scene. Re-score the whole thing if you want. Fuck that library music, who cares."

Backyard Horror Film
"This one should be self explanatory. Just one good upbeat track."

Art School Project
"I hate to see White Zombie & Type O Negative go, but oh well. Just check out the video and lay down a fresh track for me. Oh and that beginning classical theme is just stock music, so yeah, I’d like to hear something new."

Generation TMNT
"For this, I just need a cover of the TMNT theme song. I’m not 100% sure if a cover version will help with YouTube’s copyright policy, but it’s worth a try. Please try to keep it in time with the original song. There’s specific edits made to the music and lip-syncing, so it should match up."

Welcome to This World (Primus music video)
"Again, I think we need to go with a cover version. There’s some lip syncing, so I see no other way than the song being “Welcome to this World” by Primus. You’ll either have to be familiar with the song or find it somewhere. See what you can do."

All videos are in Quicktime format, except for "Art School Project," which is in .MPG.

Please remember he's not looking for music for his video game reviews. Those, for the time being, are fine. So go rescue "The Nerd," LRRG's!

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