October 31, 2008



Recently we've been complaining a lot about our videos being taken down and the douchebaggery shown by some record companies, artists, associations [you can't spell "associations" without "ass"], and other entities who have taken issue with the fans doing tributes to their idols; but there's another side to all this. Not long ago, Lars Ulrich did a video asking the fans to keep at it. And now, here's another little piece of evidence that suggests artists not only don't take offense in what we do, but feel flattered and do see it as a tribute.

As you can see from the video, it's awesome Hannah (a.k.a. drumplayher) doing another one of her great covers; this time: Foghat's "I Just Want To." But that's not all there is to it to this video. As she kindly pointed out to me in a message, she got a very special comment on this:

I have to admit, since I have not heard Foghat at all, my first question to her was: "who?" To all of you who are as ignorant as me, Roger Earl is the drummer from Foghat himself. But the story doesn't stop there. Mr. Earl was nice enough to call her on the phone as well, and she got to speak to him.

So, as you can see, my fellow Living Room Rock Gods and Goddesses, there's another side of the "moronic-faceless-entity-took-my-video-down" story. Keep posting videos! What we're doing is not illegal!

Tribute IS NOT theft.

UPDATE: This morning, "they" removed Hannah's "Crosstown Traffic" video. "They" are not kidding! "They" are really after those evil music thieves! who apparently are 14 year old drummer girls. What a classy move, eh?