October 27, 2008

EMBARRASSING... (for me)


Come in and check out LRRG popstotexas' great skill! His Gibson SG Special is awesome, his sound is awesome, his playing is awesome... 

...so why is this embarrassing?, I hear you ask (silently)... because I have no idea what he's playing! I know it's a song called "Set Me Free," but who is it from? I have no clue; and I've looked everywhere. And the fact that he regards it as a "classic song" in his video description makes me feel even more embarrassed. *blush*.

I know one thing, though. He's not playing the original version of the song. Living-Room Rock God popstotexas is covering an alternate version by kick-ass German guitarist rookyfromberlin.

One thing is for certain: that's Rob Halford, singing with the audience at the beginning of the video; footage taken by himself (popstotexas himself) at a Judas Priest concert.

Later today: 500 YouTube Subscribers Special post.

Update: thanks to good samaritan BlkSabbass I now know the original is "Set Me Free" by The Supremes.