October 2, 2008


I don't know what it is it this week, but I'm in a very acoustic mood. I apologize for that... here's two more!


First is some ukulele Living-Room Rock Godness with shanifawni's rendition of a song I've never heard ("New Soul") by a French singer I've never heard of (Yael Naim). I have no idea if the original is played on an ukulele -and I can't be bothered finding out- but I'm go ahead and guess it's not. But even if it is, this girl did a great job.

The second update is so awesome that I don't even care the embedding is disabled. I'm still going to link you to it:

Click HERE for normal quality, or HERE for Stereo/HQ

Scottish Living-Room Rock Goddess (or should I say Bath-Room Rock Goddess?) mpvt covers The Rolling Stones' "Wild Horses"... and she left me speechless. It is that unbelievable. Just watch it and get a load of the voice on her.