July 4, 2008

Got something against Poland?

I love it when these morons criticize something, think that's not enough (probably because they realize their criticism is shallow and pointless (mainly "you suck")) so then they pick on something else that makes absolutely no sense what so ever. Here's the perfect example:

"this sucks and your dirty Poland sucks too !" -- Barca10Ronaldinho

Wow. Now, please bare in mind this Barca10Ronaldinho fellow's YouTube channel says he's 21 years old. I would understand that kind of statement from an 8 year old, you know: "you suck and my dad is taller than yours!"... but he's 21. Old enough to be at college. Old enough to study politics, and soon he could be a full-blown politician... wait a minute, I think we've found a pattern here...

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