July 25, 2008


Looking through these week's updates I realized that, apart from the LRRG Submission, there has not been regular LRRG videos. So, in that case, enjoy an awesome double update.


Want to see a man almost lose his arms? take a look at uni555 doing System Of A Down's "Bring Your Own Bomb," better known as "BYOB." This video is rather complete, since uni555 includes an extra frame of video showing his feet on the bass drum.


Pink Floyd bass covers are usually overlooked, since bassists usually look for more complicated bass lines to show off on YouTube such as Les Claypool's. Here, bass player halloweenfiend666 takes an approach to the instrumental piece "Any Colour You Like," from Dark Side Of The Moon. Sure, it isn't a near-impossible complicated bass line, but man it is good. What could you expect from something that came out of one of the (if not THE) best albums ever?