June 13, 2008


If you've been a LRRG long enough, chances are you've come across a talented young musician named quaz18, also known as quaz12. If you don't know who he is, here are three videos of him to make up for the last couple of days without an update.

As quaz18 pointed out to me, there aren't any Dreamtheater covers among the many many many LRRG videos. To make up for that, here's his rendition of "The Glass Prison" in two parts:

Part 1

Part 2

And finally, something quite interesting. We take a tour of a LRRG work room as quaz18 leads the way through all his stuff, including his recording equipment, some of his instruments, and even some of the books he uses...

...his has to be one of the messiest room I've ever seen.

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