June 17, 2008

GOT THE TIME? (with bonus)

It's been a while since I posted a piano cover. I found this guy thanks to lady footprints6837, who you might know if you're familiar with the YouTube LRRG community. With only 18 years of age, 0AdRiaNleE0 already has great skill on the piano and has his fair share of covers to show it (44, to be exact), an they're so good, it was tough picking just one to show here. I picked Coldplay's "Clocks" because I like the song and looks hard to play (although I wouldn't know since I haven't touched a piano in 20 years).

So, if you're not busy at work, or you are, but you're feeling lazy and you have a pair of headphones (since I don't want you to get fired) go check this guy's channel. If you like piano, I guarantee you'll spend a long time there.

Bonus Update: PDXguitarlegend and zodiakironfist collaborate again... with satchbooggy. Iron Maiden's "Trooper". Enough said.