March 25, 2008


Anyone who have been posting videos on YouTube for a while might have realized by now that it's impossible to showcase a video in stereo since it automatically converts the audio into mono without asking... until now! Here's how it's done:

If you watch this video you might realize it has a lovely stereo sound. LouddrummerO's account doesn't have anything special or he pays some kind of money for this. According to the information he gives, for a video to have stereo sound, it has to have the following characteristics:

FLV format
Video Size 320x240
Video Bitrate (kb/s) 192
Video framerate 30
Audio Bitrate (kb/s) 128
Audio Samplerate 44100

He also provides a couple of useful links. The first one is for the free version of Any Video Converter which is just what the name says. Click the link below to download the free version of the program:

Enjoy uploading videos with stereo sound thanks to LouddrummerO and BattlefieldDoktor!