March 7, 2008


The Leopard Lounge is a channel/show in YouTube which fits us LRRG's like a glove, since it features home-based musicians.

The Lounge's owner and host, LeopardJoy, features two musicians per episode, which come out on Saturdays, and have a great deal of effort put into them; much more effort than I put into this website, at least.

From watching her episodes, it becomes obvious she really gets to know the people before featuring them, and always asks permission to use their videos. In exchange, one has to subscribe to her and send her a friend request to be featured, which is a really small price to pay to appear in a channel that has so much time and effort put into it.

With close to 500 subscribers, The Leopard Lounge is growing fast, and it'll blow out soon. A certain LRRG wig-wearing awesome guitarist was already featured, see if you can find him. Hint: his name rhymes with "grave".