March 11, 2008


We, the Living-Room Rock Gods, seem to love 311. Maybe it's because their songs are so fun to play. For this 311 Day I did the obvious and looked for a couple of 311 related videos.

First one is for the "Resources" section of this site. It's a bass song tutorial of "All Mixed Up" done by thatbassguy1. For more tutorials and just bass fun in general, be sure to check his blog at (he only uses YouTube as storage for his videos):

For the second video, I'm going to fall into a bit of self-involvement. This sl9guitar video had already been posted here. Originally, he was doing a "Down" guitar cover. When the song was done, his play list moved to "Random" immediately, and he couldn't help himself and just kept going. I thought this was awesome, so I "stole" his video and added a bass line to both songs. I hope you enjoy!

Have a happy 311 Day!