December 1, 2008



Here's one video that's getting a lot of that "it's fake" crap, and also serves as living proof that douchebags usually don't read video descriptions and they know crap about playing an instrument or recording sound.

In this rendition of Metallica's "Enter Sandman,"LRRG Vanhalen1014 clearly states in his description that this was prerecorded. This means the sound take and the video take are two different takes alltogether, which, as a result, presents some video/audio insonsitencies, making the morons who spend their days negativelly comenting in YouTube videos automatically think it's fake. You know who also records their video and audio in different takes? most Holywood movies.

What really grinds my gears (please don't sue, Seth McFarlane) is people calling this guy a fake when one listen to the audio track makes it obvious that there's a guitar recorded. It even has boo-boo's on it.

So, according to the douchebags who call this guy a fake, he somehow equalized the original recording to bring the original guitar track forward, change the effect on it, and added some mistakes to it (digitally, I'm guessing) and the tried to synch it to the way he plays the song... so, by saying this guy is a fake, they're practically calling him a sound-edting genius.

Please stop by this tune and give it a bigger rating than it's 2-and-a-half stars, which it really doesn't deserve.

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