December 2, 2008

DBC: It Finally Happened

Some DBC articles ago (the one about Tarzanism) I said that Douchebag Comments were not far from turning into caveman talk. I have to be honest with you. I didn't really believed it myself. But, it finally happened.

I remember my guitarist asking me not to post our "Pistola" rendition on YouTube because it wasn't our best rendition of the song. In fact, we screwed up a lot. There's even a moment in it -starting the second verse- where the singer looks at him with a look in his eyes of "what the hell are you doing?!" However, it was rehearsal ad we were just having fun so "no harm done," I thought.

I knew we were going to get some criticism, and even some straight-forward Douchebag Comments. But nothing would've prepared me for someone actually having a regression to the actual beginnings of the Human race:

Isn't that amazing? This person actually lost the ability to articulate! Out of all he could have said about this not-so-good rendition of Incubus' "Pistola," he went with this one: "ahghgrhaghrgah." I really don't know what to say in response. I'm afraid if I actually reply, he'll hurl a spear at me. Or maybe some rocks.

One look at this guy's profile was enough to find out this regression to the beginning of time itself was not a coincidence:

If he would've kept on writing, it would've sounded like this: ", aside from cheesey cliche'd comments, I like doing stuff. Lotsa stuff. Most of said "stuff" is reflected in my videos. Stuff is what me likes. Me likey stuff. ME. STUFF. GAH! UGH! AHGHGRHAGHRGAH!"

He's right about something, though. He says he likes to be funny. He is. What a funny Neanderthal he is.

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