May 12, 2008


Recently I got a comment in one of my videos *cough* Korn'sThoughtlessBassCover *cough* by this awesome lady called Helen Austin (heleneaustin). Turns out that other than playing a great guitar and having a great singing voice, she also has that other quality that makes a great Living Room Rock God: a great sense of humor.

It was really tough to decide on just one video of hers to post here, since there's so many great (and funny!) ones. I decided on her version of Plain White T's "Hey There, Delilah" just because it makes fun of a very popular song, and I like when people do that.

As you probably know, the original is a corny love song. The singer sings his song to a girl called Delilah all the way in New York City telling her one day he'll make money with his guitar (he should sell it) and go visit her. Now, in Helen's version, a year has passed and the guy writes her another song, he's done 42 so far, demanding some attention from her. You'll have to listen to see what becomes of this sweet relationship.

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