February 25, 2008

A couple of months ago, LRRG Geothro launched the Geothro's Oysterhead Challenge which consists in a joint effort among the Living-Room Rock Gods to cover Oysterhead's "The Grand Pecking Order" in it's entirety.
The Grand Pecking Order track list:
1. Little Faces (done by Geothro on bass)
2. Oz is Ever Floating
3. Mr. Oysterhead
4. Shadow Of A Man
5. Radon Balloon
6. Army's On Ecstasy
7. Rubberneck Lions
8. Polka Dot Rose
9. Birthday Boys
10. Wield The Spade
11. Pseudo Suicide
12. The Grand Pecking Order
13. Owner Of The World (done by NotTechSupport on bass)

Oysterhead Challenge Videos

Submit your Oysterhead Challenge videos to LRRGods@gmail.com, or in a message to the LRRG YouTube Channel with the subject "Geothro's Oysterhead Challenge", or something to that effect.