February 11, 2008


For the longest time now, I've tried to feature one of this guy's videos in the site, but haven't been able to, since his videos' embedding is not available. But that's OK. Why not feature his whole channel? and here's a very good reason why.

I don't know about you, but after discovering Zaoc's channel, and surfing through it for a while, I discovered something that I thought was really awesome, and could never think of by myself. It was a video of him playing a song... with another YouTube user from a whole other part of the world! A short time after that, I met a certain pianist from the UK (Enké).

We got the idea of forming a band, but neither one of us knew how to make split-screen videos, so I sent a message to Zaoc, and he was kind enough to share his split-screen secrets with me, and the rest is history. So, in short, I don't know if he was the first YouTube user ever to do collaborations, but he certainly was one of the earliest. So visit his channel, people, that's LRRG history right there!