April 3, 2008


Some time ago, I featured Joy's Leopard Lounge here in the site, and after that we started exchanging messages, and she brought to my attention other shows which feature YouTube artists. That's how I became aware of Modern Oracle.

His channel is basically a tribute to original music, with basically three major features:

Modern Oracle's Original Material.

Original Music Database (OMDB): Made so musicians would post their original music as video responses. Currently that number is over three thousand video responses. That's a lot of time of original music to listen to.

Audio Prophecy: A show hosted by himself promoting YouTube's "original" musicians.

The Audio Prophecy has it's own very interesting website where you can listen to previous broadcasts of the radio show, listen to the radio show live (times are in Modern Oracle's YouTube channel under "event dates") or find original musicians which have been featured in his show.

Any way you see it, Modern Oracle offers hours and hours of time-wasting YouTube-video-watching, internet-radio-show listening.

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